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Cutting High School Sports Essay

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High School Cuts Essay Research Paper Our

High School Cuts Essay, Research Paper

Our principal recently asked for the student?s opinions on the ?school cuts? proposal.

This proposition proposes that all extra curricular activities be cut until the money

situation improves as predicted in two or three years. What do you think of first when

someone mentions the word school? Most kids, if asked, would probably say their

basketball team, cheerleading squad, or the various clubs they may be involved in. For

some kids these extra curricular activities may be the only thing productive that they do

outside of school. I disagree with this outlandish proposal because extra curricular

activities teach us discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship, this may be the only means

of exercise some kids get and once these activities are removed from the agenda, they

may never be phased back in.

First of all, we all realize the importance the of learning discipline and other

attributes such as teamwork and sportsmanship. We learn these qualities, not out of a

book, but from participating and interacting with others during activities. Students learn

how to cooperate with others by doing a team project or playing a sport. We also learn

qualities such as competitiveness. This characteristic makes kids eager to do their best,

not only on the court or on the field, but in the classroom and in everything they do as

Obviously this proposal is unhealthy. This may sound strange but consider the

question. How healthy can children be if these activities are the only means of exercise

that they?re getting? According to government statistics, not as healthy as they should be.

Now we must step back and ask ourselves one question. Isn?t it better to get any means

of exercise than none at all? Surely our school board officials can answer this question

with the answer that is only unbelievably apparent to all who hear it.

Finally, I disagree with this proposal because there?s always a possibility that the

activities they are taking away, will never return like they say they will. Our school

board officials always say that our school will have extra money in a few months. How

can they set a time limit on something as unsure as money? It?s simple, they can?t. They

are only trying to insure us so that we won?t put up much of a fight against the proposal.

You have to look back and think about how many times this promise of returning

activities has not been kept and then proceed with your decision about this proposal.

In conclusion, I feel that our extra curricular activities should not be taken away

because they play a very important role-a role that I think we overlook until we fully

examine the situation. For the reasons listed in this paper, and many others, I disagree

with the passing of this proposal.

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The training is long and expensive and I shall need to work very hard. After passing the right examinations in school. I shall then need to take a University examination, which will enable me to enter the medical school, which is part of our University life in Singapore.

At University, there will be many lectures to attend. Physiology and Anatomy are two of the most important subjects during the first year. The different organs of the body such as the heart, the kidneys and the liver, together with their functions and disorders have to be studied. As well as this, there will be lectures on the many different diseases to which man is subject, with the various ways of diagnosing them and dealing with them. Lectures are given by highly qualified specialists.

As well as this theoretical work, there will be a practical course during the five years training. A new medical student has to begin by 'walking the wards' in a hospital. He accompanies doctors in charge of patients and watches what they do. He has to study patients being examined and listen tot he conclusions reached. he has intricate operations being performed by skilled surgeons. He had to make his own reports from his own diagnoses, at the same time, as the qualified doctor. All of these are checked and corrected, so that the student can learn from his mistakes. When he has passed this practical course, which lasts for about four years, he is then called a 'House man'.

Written examinations are taken at different stages. At the end of the first year, there is the first M.B. This is the first part of a Bachelor of Medicine degree and is a very difficult hurdle. Many students fail it. Then, there is the second M.B. and at the end 'finals' which include both a written, and oral and a practical examination. When 'finals' are safely behind me, I will really by a qualified doctor and be able to add this style to my name.

It will then be my ambition to obtain a grant from the authorities to travel abroad for further studies and I would like to go to Australia to do this. At a post-graduate course there, I would be able to study different methods, to see new techniques and to obtain even higher qualifications like a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Finally, I would return to Malaysia where I want to work as an assistant medical officer in one of our busiest cities. There, I would gain more practical experience than I ever could in a small village. All types of illness would, among a large population, most certainly come my way. The ailments of children, of young mothers and of the very old could all be studied. I would learn to recognize an appendicitis of tonsillitis very quickly. In a very large city, it is not always possible to have the services of a gynaecologist and so I would have practice in delivering babies myself.

During this time, I would try to save money. Doctors are rightly well-paid and I would live moderately. After some years, therefore, I hope to be not only experienced as a general practitioner, but also comfortably rich as well.

Finally, then I would realize my ultimate ambition, which is to do the medical practice in my own village and to return here. I have never had any desire to specialize and to become a pathologist, a surgeon, a gynecologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist. To be a good general practitioner here, in my own home is the end of my dream and, although not a specialist in any particular sphere, I shall know enough to deal with the common ailments of life and to call in the right specialists a once if they are needed. I shall then be able to serve the village I love so well.

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Essay/Term paper: Ice hockey Essay, term paper, research paper: High School Essays

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Sport Research Project

Around 1820 the sport started to catch on among the visitors to the frozen lakes. People had played field hockey and another game in Europe for years, but this new version of the old sport required that it"s players put on skates. Using metal blades that could be strapped to their boots, the players would cut branches from trees to use as sticks; for pucks they would use round pieces of cork or wooden balls. In the 1870s, each team was made up of nine players skating at the same time, and body checking was not permitted. There were no substitutions, so players were expected to play the entire 60 minutes of the game.

By 1880, the game had begun to grow into the game we know today; teams were reduced to seven-man units. The puck replaced the ball, and sticks were flattened on both sides to allow players to handle the puck better. Pads and gloves that player used in cricket and baseball were used to protect the legs and hands of hockey players. Before this time, players had used anything they could get their hands on for protection.

The exact origin of formal hockey is unknown. Some historians report that the first formal game was played in Kingston, Ontario, in 1867.

II. The Object Of The Game

Hockey is a simple game. The offense tries to hit the puck into the net and the defense tries to stop them. Each player carries a stick, usually made of wood, and wears protective clothing. Goaltenders, or goalies, carry heavier and wider sticks and wear additional protective equipment, including face masks. Each team uses no more than six players at a time, traditionally positioned as one center, two forwards, two defensemen, and one goaltender. Play begins with a face-off, when the referee drops the puck between the opposing centers. Unlike most sports, player substitutions occur during play. A goal is scored when the puck is driven into the opponent's goal. A player who scores three goals in one game is said to have scored a hat trick. Games are divided into three 20-minute periods, and, if the score is tied, they proceed into an overtime period that varies under different sets of rules.

Penalties are assessed for various infractions, and the offending player is sent to a penalty box for two minutes for a minor infraction and five minutes for a major one. Teams may not substitute for their penalized players during the penalty, except during a misconduct penalty, which usually requires a player to spend ten minutes in the penalty box. No team can be at more than a two-player disadvantage at a time, and a team with a one- or two-player advantage is said to have the power play.

III. Playing Area

Ice hockey is played on an oval ice rink about 200 ft (about 61 m) long and about 85 ft (about 25.5 m) wide and enclosed by a board wall about 4 ft (about 1.2 m) high. Two goals, each 4 ft high and 6 ft (1.8 m) wide, are centered on goal lines at each end of the rink, not more than 15 ft (4 m) from the end wall. Two blue lines divide the playing area into three equal-sized zones: the defense zone, which is nearest a team's goal; a central area called the neutral zone; and the attacking zone, which is nearest the opponent's goal. A red centerline also divides the rink into two equal-sized halves. The rink has five face-off circles, one located at center ice and two in each team's defense zone. The hard rubber disk, known as a puck, measures 1" (2.5 cm) thick and 3" (7.6 cm) in diameter.

IV. Sports Figure

Wayne Gretzky (1961- ), nicknamed The Great One, is the National Hockey League (NHL) career leader in goals, assists, and points (goals and assists combined). Playing the center position, he gained wide recognition as the greatest hockey player ever. In addition to his scoring skills, he is noted for his ability to improve the play of his teammates by complementing their playing strengths.

Gretzky was born in Branford, Ontario, Canada. He began his professional career with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Organization (WHA) in 1978 and was subsequently traded to the Edmonton Oilers, a WHA team that then joined the NHL in 1979. Gretzkey led the Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988) before he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings prior to the 1988-1989 season. He led the Kings to the Stanley Cup finals in 1993. During the 1995-1996 season he was traded to the St. Louis Blues. After the season's end, Gretzky signed a contract with the New York Rangers. Through his nineteen seasons he owns or shares sixty-one NHL records. He won the Hart Trophy as the league"s most valuable player nine times, the Art Ross Trophy as the leading scorer ten times, the Lady Byng Trophy as the most gentlemanly and outstanding player four times, and the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of the playoffs twice.

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Cutting High School Sports - Essay

Cutting High School Sports
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Cutting High School Sports

In many cities, high school sports are being cut in order to save money. I believe that no sports programs should be cut. Sports are extremely important to the schools and their communities. If it weren’t for sports, many kids would be overweight, unhealthy, and not working to their potential in school. An example of this is me. When I was in middle school there were not any sports programs because of problems with the city’s budget. I was overweight and very unhealthy. When I got to high school I joined a team and now I am perfectly healthy and a two sport varsity athlete. Sports keep students on task, out of trouble, and in shape.
Many students do not have the incentive to do well in school. Many students try to pass some of their classes for one reason, to play sports. There are some students who do well during the season that their sport is in, and then the rest of the year they do poorly and fail. This is no coincidence. Studies show that student athletes have better grades during their sport’s season. According to Rick Snider from The Examiner, student athletes average a full letter grade better than non athletes. If you fail a class or have poor citizenship then you cannot compete in your sport. This is devastating to young athletes, and the reason that most athletes have good grades during the season that their sport is in.
Sports are a healthy alternative to many of the pressures and problems that students face. If a student is busy at practice, or busy doing homework at night then it is very difficult for them to cause trouble and fold to the peer pressures around them like drugs and alcohol. 92 percent of student athletes are drug free. This is a big difference when compared to the percentage of non student athletes. If you are caught doing anything that is illegal or against school policy then you can be kicked off of your high school sports team. Students think of their team and how it will suffer if they are not on it when.

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What about sports?

What about sports?

Image Credit: Michael L. Bethesda, MD

The author's comments:

I love sports myself so if the high school gets rid of them then I would be devastated if they didn't have them when I get up.

So many people earned scholarships to go to college by being involved in sports. So why should we get rid of sports at the high school, just so we can save money? By all means that’s selfish and greedy. Teenagers love sports; it can make them want to achieve to keep their grades up. Some may actually get a scholarship to go to college.

A reason why sports should be allowed is, kids love sports! When it comes to the time where teens can join up for sports, they go nuts. A majority of kids enjoy sports. When you see kids outside, what are they most likely doing? Playing sports! A lot of teens’ love to win. Sports would be a good way to win.

Also sports can motivate kids to keep their grades up. No I am not crazy. If they want to participate they must have a passing grade, sometimes they have to have a “B”. If their grades are not good, then consequences will be served. Kids realize they need to keep their grades up. I know when I was in sports; I made sure my grades met the standards.

But most of all, teens could get a scholarship to go to college. You might say, “well can’t their parents pay for them?” Some parents may not have enough money to pay for college. A lot of scholarships go out to athletes. Scouts go out and look for young athletes in high school. It would be an honor to be able to get to enroll into college early. Many colleges ask for people who had done extra curriculums, like music or sports.

Others may say sports are getting in the way of these teens’ priorities. Here is its weakness. I believe that teen athletes should consider making sports a priority. Kids do get injured often during sports. But most kids think it’s all worth it.

In conclusion, schools shouldn’t be so selfish and keep sports. Kids love it and it keeps their grades up. Some even get scholarships for college. So why take that chance away from them? We can’t let the school board let go of sports. Sports need to stay!

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