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Unit 18 Btec Business Coursework

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Question: Unit 18: Managing a Business Event
BTEC Level 3 in Business

P1 Role of the event organiser.

P3 Prepare a plan for a business event.

P5 Outline the administrative tasks to be completed after a business event.

M1 Assess the importance of meeting organisational and legal requirements when planning a business event.

M2 Analyse the arrangements made by an event organiser for planning a business event.

M3 Analyse how evaluating a business event informs future planning.

Answer: P1 The role of event organiser is different depending on the organisation and the kind of event involved. Activities normally include:
 Investigating into markets to identify opportunities for events;
 speaking with clients to understand their precise event requirements;
 producing detailed ideas for events (e.g. venues, suppliers, legal obligations, timelines, staffing and budgets)
 Organising a budget with the client
 Booking the location for the event
 Making sure insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are seen to.
 Getting in contact with venue management, cooking, designers, contractors and equipment that needs hiring.
 Organising facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and the media;
 Inviting speakers or special guests to the event
 Planning the layout of the room and entertainment for the. (short extract)

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Teach ICT - BTEC Level 3

The BTEC National is a level 3 course.

The 360 guided learning hours (GLH) (usually six units) provides a qualification which is equivalent to one A level.

The BTEC National Award offers a specialist qualification that focuses on particular aspects of employment within the appropriate vocational sector


The 720 GLH (usually 12 units) BTEC National Certificate provides a specialist work related programme of study that covers the key knowledge and practical skills required in the appropriate vocational sector.

The BTEC National Certificate offers flexibility and a choice of emphasis through the specialist units. It is broadly equivalent to two GCEs or the full award AVCE.

The 1080 GLH (usually 18 units) BTEC National Diploma extends the specialist work related focus available from the BTEC Certificate. There is potential for the qualification to prepare learners for employment in the appropriate vocational sector and is suitable for those who have decided that they wish to enter a particular area of work.

The Diploma is equivalent to 3 A levels.

On advice of the BTEC IT SSV, you must check these assignments and ensure they pass the internal verification process, taking any content without checking may result in an unintended block status

BTEC Business - The Sixth Form College - Solihull - The Sixth Form College - Solihull

BTEC Business BTEC Business

The course will enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of the business sector with an
emphasis on developing skills relevant to the workplace. Varied teaching methods are used throughout the course and assessment is based upon authentic business situations.

Course Outline

Year 1
Unit 1: The Business Environment – this unit covers ownership types, aims and functional areas.
Unit 2: Business Resources – this unit considers the resources that businesses need include human resource issues, physical resources and interpreting financial statements.
Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing – this unit covers the key concepts of marketing.
Unit 4: Business Communication – this unit covers how to effectively communicate with employees and how to motivate people.
Unit 5: Business Accounting – this unit introduces accounting processes in business.
Unit 12: Internet Marketing and Business – this unit looks at how businesses use the internet to reach their target audience.
Unit 18: Developing Teams – students will learn why and how teams are formed and what makes an effective team.
Unit 19: Events Management – in this unit, students will have to work in small teams to organise an event.
Unit 29: Understanding Retailing – this unit introduces students to the important role that retailing plays in the UK economy.

Year 2
In Year 13, units (subject to change) are likely to include:
Unit 7: Management Accounts
Unit 8: Accounting Systems
Unit 10: Marketing Research in Business
Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection
Unit 16: Human Resource Management
Unit 21: Aspects of Contract and Business Law
Unit 22: Aspects of Civil Liability
Unit 36: Starting a Business
Unit 37: Business Ethics


Coursework (100%)
No Examinations
Examining Board – Edexcel
This 18 unit qualification is the equivalent of three full A Levels. There are no external examinations, and all the units are assessed through assignments or projects which students work on over a period of time.

Special Entry Requirements

Standard BTEC entry requirements apply.

Prohibited Options Career and Progression Opportunities

Students can enter Business Degree courses or business with another related subject e.g. Business and IT. Law and Accounting courses are also popular university progressions from this course. Alternatively, students can go into apprenticeships or direct employment, where the relevant skills acquired on the course are valued by employers. Apprenticeships in Accountancy and other areas have also been a popular route from the BTEC.

Work Placement

On this course you will be expected to undertake at least one work placement, the purpose of which is to gather information and insights about the workplace, which can be included in your College assignments. Work placements also help develop your employability skills. By the end of the course you will achieve the full Career Passport award and the placement will count as one of your Professional Development activities.

Teaching Methods

Students will learn through a variety of teaching methods, e.g. group work, role play, presentations, independent study, videos and teacher-led activities. Many units are linked to businesses where efforts are made for external visitors to enhance the learning of the students.

Cost Implications

Some trips or visits arranged will need to be paid for.

Links to External Organisations

Units are linked to real businesses and students will have the opportunity to research the business practice used in various situations. Sainsbury regularly come into college and enhance learning. Key Construction also provides a monetary prize for the best Business Plan.

Other Information

Students will have the opportunity to take part in the College-wide Career Passport scheme, where they will be able to develop employability skills.

This information is correct for September 2017 entry.

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Download the course information here:

Courses in London: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business and Finance

BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business (QCF)
(previously known as BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business)

The new BTEC Higher Nationals in Business have been accredited onto the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and the aim is to provide students with a sound business education, suitable for those seeking a range of careers in industry, commerce and public administration and thus enabling them to be more successful when seeking employment. It is a well regarded qualification for entry to Higher Education and advanced professional studies and most Universities will accept it as entry to their third year degree programmes.

BTEC HND's are internationally recognised qualifications and are validated, administered and verified by BTEC which is part of Edexcel. a Pearson company, and the UK's largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications.

The Diploma offered by the college is unique since it is based on an international context and this, together with the learning methods utilised, enable students to take an active part in their own learning. Course tutors help to generate motivation and self-reliance, which stimulates interest among students as they develop into an active group using their skills to work as a team.

Students will be assessed on their submitted work during the course. Grades are awarded by the college and approved by the BTEC External Verifier.

A BTEC course leader will be available to guide students through the course and to help them understand the principles of BTEC.

It is, above all, a practical course, designed to develop the skills of students to be able to solve problems, which are likely to arise in any future employment. In addition, it enables students to continue their studies since it gives entry, and in some cases exemption, to a whole range of recognised diploma and degree courses. It is also possible to obtain subject for subject exemptions in other diploma and professional qualifications.

Students must normally be aged 18 years or over.
They must possess four GCSE's or their equivalent qualification including English and Maths at grade C or above, or a BTEC first Diploma, plus at least one GCE A level and a level of English language equivalent to B2 of the CEFR - 5.5 IELTS with a minimum of 5.0 in all sections. Mature students (over 21 years of age) may be exempt from some of the above requirements on grounds of experience but where English is not the first language students must provide recent certification of having reached at least IELTS 5.5 as stated above.

Each Course lasts two academic years consisting of two 15 week semesters per year, a total of 60 weeks tuition in 4 semesters.
There are two intakes of students per year, one in February and one in September.
For those starting in February:
The first academic year commences in February and ends in late January the following year and the second year follows the same pattern. The opportunity exists for those students who progress well through the course to finish in June thereby completing only three semesters. This assumes they will complete the full 16 unit programme so saving the cost of one semester. This is know as the fast track programme.

For those starting in September:
The first academic year commences in late September and ends in June the following year. This is the same for the second academic year.

The course is structured around formal classes, seminars, tutorials and individual tuition. In addition, students will be expected to undertake private study. Students will have to prepare at least two assignments per subject per term.

The BTEC HND is equivalent to the first two years of an Honours Degree programme at a UK University. These qualifications are designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current and future employment in management roles.
The qualification enables to students to apply for the third year of a related business degree at university. HND’s are also accepted for entry to Post-graduate Diploma in Management programmes.

Duration of course: Two years full-time study.
The Higher National Diploma in Business comprises 8 core units plus 8 option units:
The Higher National Certificate in Business comprises 6 core units plus 4 option units:

To achieve Higher National Certificate level, students must gain a further 8 option units.

Unit 9 Management Accounting
Unit 10: Financial Systems and Audting
Unit 11: Financial Reporting
Unit 12: Taxation

Business & Management Business & Marketing

Unit 13: Managing Activities
Unit 14: Managing People
Unit 15: Managing Information
Unit 16: Managing Self
Unit 17 Marketing Intelligence
Unit 18 Advertising and Promotion
Unit 19 Marketing Planning
Unit 20 Sales Planning and Operations;

Business & Marketing

Unit 21: Human Resource Management
Unit 22: Managing Human Resources Issues
Unit 23: Human Resource Development
Unit 24: Employee Relations

Unit 25: Purchasing.
Unit 26: Quality Management.
Unit 27: Small Business Management.
Unit 28: Environmental Management.
Unit 29: European Business.

CORE units - outline of contents


1 Objectives and purposes of organisations.
2 Local and national economy.
3 External market factors.
4 European dimension.


1. Sources of finance.
2. Finance as a resource.
3. Financial performance.
4. Financial decisions.


1 Approaches to management.
2 Organisational structure and culture.
3 Motivation theories and management practices.
4 Behaviour of individuals.

1. Marketing process.
2. Target Marketing.
3. Marketing mix.
4. Market segments.



1 Collection of primary and secondary 2 Analysing data; 3 Formatting information 4 Software generated information


1 Strategic planning
2 New strategie 3Evaluation and selection 4 implementation


1 Strategic planning.
2.Strategy formulation.
3 Strategy implementation


1 Concept and measurement of cost
2 Collect and analyse cost information
3 Budgets and cash flow forecasts
4 Monitor and control costs and budgets


1 Financial systems
2 Management control
3 Nature and purposes of internal and external audit
4 Auditing techniques

Unit 11: Financial Reporting

1 Legal and regulatory framework
2 Financial statements
3 Formats for publication

1 Tax practitioner and the UK tax environment
2 Personal tax
3 Sole traders and partnerships
4 Corporation tax
5 Capital gains tax

Unit 13: Managing activities

1 Organisational structure
2 Plan work activities
3 Manage work activities
4 Quality of products and services
5 Health & safety
6 Improvements


1 Select personnel
2 Development
3 Allocate work
4 Evaluatre performance
5 Disciplinary and grievance procedures


1 Type of information
2 Sources of information
3 Gather information
4 Analyses information
5 Record and store information
6 Dissemination channels


1 Skills audit
2 Development plan
3 Review and monitor progress
4 Evaluate progress

Business & marketing options units


1 Buyer behaviour
2 Market resarech techniques
3 Competitir analysis
4 Customer satisfaction


1 Communication environment
2 Advertising
3 Below the line techniques


1 Marketing austits
2 Marketing plan
3 Ethical issues


1 Field selling
2 Sales management
3 Controlling sales output
4 Sales environment

Business & personnel options


1 Personnel management and the new approach of human resource management.
2 Prrocdures and practices used for obtaining suitable employees
3 Principles and procedures for monitoring and reward the employee
4 Employess exit from the organization


1 Differing perspectives of human management
2 Flexiblity within the workplace
3 Equal opportunities within the workplace
4 Welfare provision
5 Human resource practices


1 Learning theory
2 Systemmtic approach to training
3 Training methods
4 Government-led training initiatives


1 Unitary and pluralistic frames of reference
2 Industrial conflict and the resolution of collective disputes
3 Collective bargaining and negotiations
4 Employee participation
5 Shift from industrial relations to employee relations

1 Purchasing function
2 Information sources and criteria
3 Quantities and quality of goods
4 National and transnational organization


1 Development of quality management
2 Approaches to quality management
3 Systems and procedures
4 Barriers


1 Analyse perfornmance
2 Improve management and business performance
3 Business opbjectives and plans


1 Sustainability
2 Impact on the environment
3 Environmental management
4 Waste management


1 Effect of membership on UK economic policy
2 Patterns of trade
3 Implications for UK organisations of the enlargement of the EU
4 Assess opportunities for selling

More option units are available. for full list and specification visit the edexcel website

BTEC in Business: Level 3 Course Companions

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BTEC L3 in Business: Unit 1 Course Companion: Business Environment (Endorsed)

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BTEC in Business: Level 3 Course Companions

"Very useful … Lesson objectives for each section clearly displayed… This resource provides all the notes necessary for Unit 1. The activities give the user the opportunity to think and research for themselves… It will be an excellent resource for when I teach Unit 1 in September ."

H Abrams, Head of Business and Independent Reviewer

Ensures you cover the new 2010 specification comprehensively.
  • Comprehensive notes in student-friendly language. Structured in specification order.
    • Lesson objectives for each topic
    • Regular activities engage students
    • Questions ensure students know the key facts
  • Supporting PowerPoints help you deliver the course
  • Four assignments, one for each learning outcome, covering all the 2010 spec criteria, from Pass to Distinction

Units 1-4 are Endorsed by Edexcel for use with the new BTEC in Business Level 3 specification (2010).

"Great… Time-saving and interesting… It contains what they need to know & sensible, 'do-able' assignments. Frees the teacher to get on with delivering, confident that the material is of good quality."

J Laurence, BTEC Business Teacher and Satisfied Customer (previous edn)

Unit 1: The Business Environment. Keep up to date with case studies from national and global environment. Includes the new post-recession focus on economic stability and supply & demand

Unit 2: Business Resources. Introduces students to resources & accounts in a thorough but easy-to-understand way.

Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing. Introduces key marketing concepts & shows students how to develop a coherent marketing mix.

Unit 4: Business Communication. unique assignment uses the school or college as a business communication case study.

Accounting and Finance Pathway

Unit 5: Business Accounting. introduces the basic concepts of accounting in a student-friendly voice

Unit 6: Financial Accounting. plenty of practice exercises to familiarise students with accounting practices.

Unit 7: Management Accounting. detailed explanations of how to use and apply ratios and other techniques

Unit 8: Accounting Systems. step-by-step guide enables students to complete a 'profit & loss' and balance sheet

Unit 9: Creative Product Promotion. promotion covered in detail with up-to-date examples and visual diagrams

Unit 10: Market Research for Business. from questionnaires to data analysis. market research for business covered in detail.

Unit 21: Aspects of Business & Contract Law. student-friendly explanations of all relevant details of contract law

Unit 24: Aspects of Law Relating to Business. clear and detailed explanations of relevant laws and cases

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4962)

"An excellent resource, the range of useful sections is outstanding and I have not seen a resource which covers all areas of a BTEC unit more thoroughly, from the detailed handbooks to the teaching PowerPoint slides. I particularly like the four Handbooks which are so comprehensive in nature with notes on topics, activities and an assignment for each section, through the use of the earlier material students should find the completion of the actual assignment much easier. I also like the Scheme of Work which allows me as a teacher to carefully plan the whole Unit in a much more detailed way and leave me in greater confidence that I will have it complete on time. This will definitely enhance learning as it is so thorough. As a teacher it will allow me to decide what sections I will use or maybe adapt to get the full potential from the source. I think it will also benefit the students as they can have reference to the notes and activities they have done prior to undertaking their actual assignments. It is so comprehensive that I would not need another resource to complete the whole unit. Also the professional way it has been done in conjunction with the numerous business examples used throughtout make it ideal."– G Nocher, Teacher of Busienss & Independent Reviewer

'A good general overview of market research.'&ndahs; G&ndsp;Webb, Chief Examiner for an Awarding Body; Independent Reviewer

'I like the resource. It includes a comprehensive assignment which can be adapted to local businesses if necessary. It includes a lot of real life business examples of illustrate market research theories. It is also not too text heavy with plenty of diagrams, figures and illustrations. The assignment tasks are aligned to the BTEC assessment criteria which is helpful. I like the assignment and the way that it is written as it is applied to a vocational setting. I feel that this resource will enhance learning because it includes a number of vocational examples which students can relate to. It helps students to acquire and relate the theory to the various vocational business examples used. The resource builds up knowledge in steps and links with the BTEC level 3 spec closely.'– J Whatford, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4340)

"The advice given in the teacher guide was good and all sections were easty to follow on the whole and very interesting. I found the depth of knowledge was good. the assignments were well thought out and matched the criteria of the spec. Very detailed theory. all of it relevant to the specification and the assignment briefs. Would ensure students would have to stop and think about this subject which I think they would enjoy it. Good interpretation of specification and use of case study/ situations to analyse and apply theory. All theory work is covered as per spec with plenty of discussion sections. this is a fasinating subject and students would gain a great deal form studying it. I really enjoyed this resource." — C McBain, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Introduction in each assignment acts as a reminder to key legal aspects. Easy to use with clear links to case studies. Clearly written assignments linked to the specification using relevant and interesting cases. Each assignment used appropriate language. With clear links to the specifications, this resource will help students understand the aspects of criminal law and its relationship to business while enabling them to achieve the BTEC Extended Diploma." — K Trimarchi, Business Lectuter & Independent Reviewer

"There were some very useful cases to demonstrate legal points. Good use of cases to demonstrate knowledge, which can be used it the assignment too. Intention described well with cases. Good examples of strict liability offences. Explanation of theft is clear for students to follow. Good coverage of the Fraud Act. Good coverage of powers of government agencies." — S Evans, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4341)

"A very useful resource which goes beyond being merely a written assignment. It contains the supporting lessons, with clear lesson aims and prepares the students to meet the requirements for the unit set by Edexcel. I particularly liked the lessons which contain appropriate activities which prepare the students for the assignment. I like the fact the assignments are broken into 4 parts which link appropriate criteria together. The resource enhances learning as it breaks the criteria down into manageable sections of learning - the clear lesson aims inform the learners of what they need to achieve and this builds their knowledge up in stages enabling them to be confident in attempting the criteria at the end of the series of lessons. The assignment is presented in a very professional and engaging manner. This resource looks fantastic and would be a great help to any teacher - new or experienced - in delivering this unit." — C Clarke, Head of FE Business & Independent Reviewer

"An excellent resource. Very easy to follow, good guidelines and easy to interpret key terms and concepts with clear defined objectives and teacher guidance. Educational value is excellent as each section is broken down clearly for maximum understanding and clarity. Good depth of knowledge and well presented assignments. Great examples of documents as these are usually hard to find to use in class. Good range of slides. consistent throughout. Section 3 very good more of a work book approach with plenty of examples and sections to fill in." — C McBain, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4370)

"A very comprehensive resource. It is written a style which students will be able to relate to well and also includes graphics etc. to illustrate points visually and break up the text. There are recap questions at convenient points so that students can continually review their progress/knowledge. All accounts are well presented, and I like the use of comment boxes to highlight/explain points. The powerpoints link well to the companion and can be used to work through the guide logically in class. All areas of the specification are covered in a great deal of detail. It helps learning as students can practice review questions at the end of each topic, they can then see if they have mastered the topic. this resource is excellent as it is written in a language that the target market can relate to. I would definitely buy the resource and also recommend it to other teachers." — J Whatford, Business Subject Leader & Independent Reviewer

"I liked this resource immensely, it is clear, concise as the subject matter allows, easy to follow and read. It matches the specification and a lot of time and effort has gone into the preparation. Like the layout - good clear overview and case studies were current and relevant and would interest the students - e.g. Nintendo. The activities were challenging in parts with answers given underneath and good check the answer activities in section 3. Financial accounting can be a difficult topic to interest students this is very comprehensive and well written and easy to follow with assignments referred to in slides and lots of recap which is good - excellent resource. Liked the peer work for assignment in WB 2. D1 on the assignment was inspired - choice to produce posters was dubious at first but when I read it and thought about it thought was a great idea. Really liked this resource - teach a lot of accounts and this is great." — C McBain, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4389)

"A very useful resource which contains detailed notes alongside the assignment. There are also lots of short tests to complete in class which ensure the delivery is broken up with suitable activities. The guidance enhances learning as the class tasks prepare the students for the main coursework activity. The more gifted students are also catered for with the stretch activities. The assessment criteria from Edexcel is included in the resource and ensures that the coursework is meeting the relevant criteria. There is a clear vocational / case study included for the tasks which is recommended by Edxcel." — C Clarke, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4512)

"A very useful BTEC resource which goes beyond the assignment and contains detailed notes. It is good it provides lots of activities for students to practice with before their final assessment. I particularly liked that it contained the BTEC assessment documentation such as the observation records. I also liked the activities which build up the students knowledge slowly preventing them from becoming confused. The clearly structured class activities build the up the students' confidence and enable them to learn the skills needed for the assignment. The assignment is nicely broken down into small activities with good supporting documentation which put the assignment in a vocational setting." — C Clarke, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4571)

"It matches the specification completely and thoroughly. I enjoyed this resource and the structured nature of the documents. I particularly liked the worksheets and companions to each task, that make it very clear as to what needs to be done for all elements of the assignment. it gives students a greater structure to their learning. [in PDF format] it is easily uploadable to the VLE to support the wider reading required from the text book." — J Oakley, BTEC Programme Manager & Independent Reviewer

"Well written - lots of theory with relevant up to date examples and case studies. easy to use and follow step by step with the specification and power point slides linked to the handbooks. Clear, easy to follow assignments and homework throughout to help with assignments. Very detailed theory and all specification covered in detail. Really liked this resource and would definitely recommend it." — C McBain, Business Tutor & Independent Reviewer

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