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Growing Up In Life English Literature Essay

Growing Up In Life English Literature Essay

Write about a person who has had significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Community service can be a valuable part of collage experience. If you were to devote one year of service to a volunteer project, what would it be, and what would you hope to accomplish.

Questions 1 Introduction

Growing up in life is a difficult task, we need to chose the path that will bring us benefit as we grow older. So, there are times when we make the wrong decision or the worst decision which we will regret in our life for a lifetime. There is a person in my life that has taught me how to respect and also learn to be a mature person, she is my grandmother. The one that always supported me and train me is always been my Grandma. I can use this chance to thanks my grandma and she always are the one who I look up too and the one that who persuaded me. She is my awesome Grandma, I am so lucky to be his grandson; she is the one that I like to share about the influence she gave it on me.

When I was younger, I was very close with her even until now. She had becomes my inspiration when I was 4 years old. During that time, I was so determine to follow her footsteps and follow her teaching and remembered it so that I’ll use it in the future. My parents are not available that those time, because they are busy with their work for the income. So, my grandma is the one who take care of me. As years goes on, I was getting older. I still remembered when I was in primary four; I did badly in my exam. So, I decided to hide from my parents even impersonate my father’s signature and hand in my report card to my teacher. However, I wasn’t fortunate and got caught. I got scolded badly and they grounded me too. As my parents finish brainwashed me, my grandma told me that I have changed my attitude greatly, in a negative way. If she didn’t told me, I won’t be able to realize it myself. I listened to her and change my attitude into a better boy.

Is a week early before the examination time again, I was still playing around lying at bed. I just do my activities and sport. My grandma told me is time to study, she said; you don’t want to get another bad result do you? And get scolded by your father again? Then she continue and said is not only for your father or mother or neither me, this is for your education this will help you in your bright future and one day you may well be repaying us back with your success. She was so determined and I was been confer by her and I went on to be a good boy at my room to study quietly. After the exam, I get a great result for my all the subjects and my grandma congratulate me for my great result. I was also a happy person and went on to celebrate with her and my family.

My grandmother was the one who has always taught to never give on your dream and whatever you like in doing it and don’t give up hope. Then there were one day, I get pick up by my parents instead of my grandmother, my parents straight took me to the private hospital where my grandmother who was accidentally in an accident with a motor rider. When she about to pick me up from school to home. I was shock when is my parents who came to pick me up, I was told by my mother and I just can’t keep it inside and at the end I cry out loud and shouted Grandma. As the doctor said my grandma was in coma, I was quiet like for 3 to 4 hours that I can’t re-act or think about anything. I can’t do anything about it, I just hope my grandma will be awake and wish her to wake so that we could see her lovely smile again. My grandma was the one who always teach me never give up a thing that you love or anything that you like. Every day after school I straight went to the hospital to see my grandma, talk to her and spend almost 3 hour with her every day before going home. As life goes on, this continues from days to months and finally year, nearly pasted 3 years I was doing the same thing over and all over again, after class I visit her again and talk to her and one time her eyes opens ups and she was awake from her coma. I was touch that she has waked up after a long 3 years. Therefore, my tears were flowing down my cheeks but it is tears of joy. That day i make a vow to myself i will get 7A’s in my PMR exam. I never give up hope for my grandma, and this is what grandma educated me. Then i went on to fulfil my promised to get full A’s for my PMR result so as my SPM results too.

I still remember when i was in my college life; I was just having the time of my life. Enjoying all the time i can. One day, while playing games at a cyber cafe, my friend, CK gave a stick of cigarette. He persuaded me to smoke and I gave it a sip. Soon, I got addicted to it and I had to smoke secretly when I’m at home but that didn’t last for long as grandma found out and she encourage me to quit smoking. She said this is a negative thinking ways and this is drug, by smoking i as your grandmother want you to quit smoking. Then she settles down with her angriness, she sat down and talks to me in one on one before my parents come back. She tell me to think positive as i always do, don’t let your smoking friend influence you, smoking is bad for health and it course us to sickness. I listen to my Grandma advice and give up smoking. Besides, I am glad that i have such a wonderful grandmother and gave me the most influence.

My grandmother gives me the motivation about one of my projects in college, my grandma was actually a top student back then. She tells me to have more confidence in yourself and be proud of what you done and always end it with a smile. She has really made me what I am today. Because that time, i was under so much pressure competing in a competition with so many top student and at the end, i end up in second place, i grandma watched me when i was competing, and she is so proud of me. But my grandma always has faith in me no matter what i do or when i do it.


In conclusion, my grandmother had influenced me in many ways and different ways to built me up to be a better person. It been 20 years now, since i was born and my grandmother have also been there for me and help me true all the negative problems. She has a very good personality and a good karma to communicate with people. I believe that if I have her influences and I will always succeed. I’m glad that’s how my grandmother is. I will always appreciate her existence in my life and always love her as much as i can.

Question 2 Introduction

This question is about community service that can be a valuable part of my college experience. Community services are activities and services pursued in a school or in the community with the purpose of having students volunteer their time and energy to help others. Community service can be a one-time event such as a bake sale, fundraiser, or festival. Alternatively, community service may be an ongoing activity including tutoring students, visiting senior citizens, and cleaning public spaces. I am going to devote one years for SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals). Animals have always been my passion, as i want to help all of them to find a home or find a new owner or called family. If I could devote a year of service to the volunteer project for the SPCA it will be a dream come true for me. I wish to help all the animals in one piece. Animals got heart like us humans as well. Show the love for animal.

Since I was younger, I have always wanted to rare puppy because it is adorable and it is also men’s best friend. Thus, my mission when I was a kid was to be vet doctor to save not only dogs’ life but other animals too. However, I do not have the capability to be vet doctor so I can only be a volunteer helper for animals care. As my college recently have a volunteer project for a year.

Therefore, I have chosen to try to devote my one year of service to SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals). SPCA is an organization that is specially organized for animals care. Such as for homeless animals, SPCA provides shelters and also food for the abandon animals.

Other than that, as they also allow adoption of animals to society. As most of the animals these days are either abandon by their owners or most of it is stray animals. Therefore, my mission is to help all these animals find their path way ore happiness. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to All Animals is a non-profit animal welfare organization originally founded in England in 1824. SPCA were imply in many countries. Malaysia is on the list as well. Thus, it’s a very honouring volunteer job as helping animals likely to be saving a life. I hope my time with SPCA, i will assign to feed animals and allow them to play at certain limited time given. However, I won’t be satisfied as I want a harder task such as help these pathetic pitiful animals to find a new owner and also fight for animal rights.

Before i going to start my one year community service for the SPCA, my mission is to get a more space for the SPCA home ground to find a living place for a dog on the road or cat that can live peacefully place where they can called home and wait for their faith to see who ever have the motivation to take care of a animals and become the new owner of the animals and take care the them with love. By doing this, i need a big sponsorship by a big company by whoever it is that got the love for the animals. I will take this money to make the SPCA bigger for a better home.

I would like to share my knowledge that i have study over the years, my house got a puppy too that i trained to do a lot of trick and can be consider by playing with them to make them feel happier in their life of an animal. This is one of the ways for us and them to communicate as well, and this will help us in future to be more understood what their feeling and what are they asking us. So, we won’t have the problem of miscommunication anymore over with the animals.

I would like to share about my personal skill that i have learnt over the past to take care of the animals. But, I’m not a professional caretaker but i know some simple steps that can make the animals feel comfortable. Maybe, we could start a class for those who love animals and who like to learn more about them. We can earn money from this idea; to help out the poor little innocent kitten and puppy who got throw by their owner. This is one of the ways support the SPCA. Besides that, we could create some activities for the animal lover and caretaker to play some game with their pet along side. This will be really interesting to watch, to see the friendship between the pet and the owners relationship. This is a good opportunity to show the little kids for the fun a animals as a pet in their life style. I hope the government will approve for what we do and our care and love for the animals.


In conclusion, community service will do a lot to help us and to learn more, experience more and it also a lifestyle that can’t see true every single day. Invite yourself for the offer that they give, is voluntary work intended to help people or animal in a particular area. Take a challenge to dare yourself. It helps you by making you feel special and important to something.


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  1. Read the essay title carefully.
    Make sure you understand the particular meaning of the terms it uses. Many "critical quotations" in essay titles are deliberately provocative or paradoxical: they may be half true and half false, they may be internally contradictory, or they may make unjustified assumptions about the text. If you're asked to describe the conflict between individual and society in a certain book, for instance, ask yourself first if the book really presents such a conflict. On the other hand, if the title contains some particularly good critical insight, try and think out exactly why it is good.
  2. Read the text carefully.
    Take it in on many levels: literal meaning, symbolic structure, literary technique, relation to the historical world, organisation and significance of ideas or hidden argument, characterisation and balance of human factors. Try to determine what it is, how its content and its form are related, what it tells you about the author, his/her literary intentions and traditions, and yourself.
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a) Analyse your own reactions.
b) Build up your reactions into ideas.
c) Build your ideas into a coherent progression, which is then the 'argument' of your essay.
('Argument' here means not controversy but the reasonable development of a point of view. If ideas clash, try to sort out their contradictions, or else re-formulate them. Often the clash of ideas and feelings can tell you more about the text.)

  • Use the critics.
    Scan the scholarly books and articles on your title-subject and text, looking for facts and arguments to throw light on your subject. Use them to help you define your terms, and to come to grips with the text itself. Quote where it really helps your argument (even by contrast or disagreement). Acknowledge each critical borrowing by author, work and page.
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    Literary Analysis Essay Sample

    Literary Analysis Essay Sample: No Longer at Ease by Chinua Achebe

    December 2, 2013

    “No longer at Ease is a novel written by the late Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe, a literary genius to say the least. The novel revolves around the main character, Obi Okonkwo, whose grandfather, Okonkwo, was the main character of an earlier and famous book by Chinua Achebe, entitled Things Fall Apart. Obi Okonkwo leaves his village in Nigeria to pursue further studies in Britain, to study Law. He struggled to a great extent to adapt to the lifestyle of the west-Britain. He even changed his major from Law to English Language.

    While in England, Obi Okonkwo underwent a lot that affected him and his life. Being a man deeply rooted in his native Igbo culture, he struggled so much with the English culture and way of life. To begin with, Obi okonkwo was so homesick during his time in England; he just couldn’t seem to get over his motherland. For the first time in his life, Nigeria, his home country became “more than just a name,” (Achebe 12) as he realizes what his country really means to him. Being away from home brings a deep realization to him about the importance of his motherland. This was so great that during the English winters, Obi began to write lyrical and romantic poems about his homeland. Though Obi was in England for only four years, it seemed like a decade to him: “Obi was away in England for a little under four years. He sometimes found it difficult to believe that it was as short as that. It seemed more like a decade than four years, what with the miseries of winter when his longing to return home took on the sharpness of physical pain. It was in England that Nigeria first became more than just a name to him. That was the first great thing that England did for him,” (Achebe 12).

    Studying in England also made Obi adopt certain practices that he had never partaken of while in Umuofia, or even during his short stay in Lagos, before he travelled to England. One such practice was going to dances, a thing he only heard from stories told to him by his good friend Joseph, who had hosted him in Lagos just before he left for England. Joseph would tell him: “Dancing is very important nowadays. No girl will look at you if you can’t dance. I first met Joy at the dancing school.’ ‘Who is Joy?’ asked Obi who was fascinated by what he was learning of this strange and sinful new world. ‘She was my girl-friend for—let’s see. …’ he counted off his fingers ‘… March, April, May, June, July—for five months. She made these pillow-cases for me,” (Achebe 13). In one of these dances, organized by the London Branch of the National Council of Nigeria, Obi met a girl, also from Nigeria, known as Clara Okeke. Obi had an interest in Clara, and managed to convince her to dance with him. Obi was a very poor dancer, stepping on Clara’s foot a couple of times: “Obi was never a very good dancer, but that night he was simply appalling. He stepped on her toes about four times in the first half-minute. Thereafter she concentrated all her attention on moving her foot sideways just in time. As soon as the dance ended she fled. Obi pursued her to her seat to say: ‘Thank you very much.’ She nodded without looking,” (Achebe 18). So in a way, Obi’s stay in England sort of transformed him into a younger Joseph, as Joseph was already used to such habits as dancing and going to cinemas back in Lagos.

    Another way in which Obi’s studies in England affected him was somewhat to do with religion because Obi came from a religious background. Before he departed for England, Obi’s family had organized a prayer meeting for him, so he would leave with blessings: “Obi’s going to England caused a big stir in Umuofia. A few days before his departure to Lagos his parents called a prayer meeting at their home. The Reverend Samuel Ikedi of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Umuofia, was chairman. He said the occasion was the fulfillment of the prophecy,” (Achebe 8). Obi’s father back at home, Mr. Isaac Okonkwo had been a catechist of a church missionary in the area. “Mr. Isaac Okonkwo made a short speech placing ‘this small kola’ before his guests. By Umuofia standards he was well-to-do. He had been a catechist of the Church MissionarySociety for twenty-five years…” (Achebe 9). On Obi’s second day aboard the boat back to Nigeria, it could be said that he was perhaps no longer as religious as he was during his life in Umuofia: “Obi stood at the rails for nearly an hour drinking in the unspoilt air. ‘They that go down to the sea in ships …’ he remembered. He had very little religion nowadays, but he was nevertheless deeply moved,” (Achebe 19).

    Furthermore, studying in England seemed to have made Obi a bit carefree in his attitudes, particularly towards dressing. In the big reception organized for him by the Lagos branch of the Umuofia Progressive Union after his arrival in Lagos, Obi, the guest of honor, expected to be well clad but instead appeared in his shirtsleeves: “Everybody was properly dressed in agbada or European suit except the guest of honor, who appeared in his shirtsleeves because of the heat. That was Obi’s mistake Number One. Everybody expected a young man from England to be impressively turned out,” (Achebe 26)…”

    What makes certain books great, and others boring? Why do we remember some of the writing for decades and hundreds of years, while others are lost in times? Writing an analysis essay should teach you all these intricate things. However, how can you learn how to write this type of an academic paper without proper literary analysis essay sample? We have prepared a couple of great articles with writing tricks and, of course, a free literary analysis essay sample for you to learn from. If these won’t help, place an order to receive a professional evaluation of the book done by our expert writers.

    1 - About yourself essay sample

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    About yourself essay sample

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    Findings indicated that structured experiences with case studies and case writing increase preservice teachers' informed decision making on educational issues. These are just a few of the many tools disposable to students today. So, for instance, don't start talking about "Plato's view of the self, and the second and subsequent lines should be indented 12". The most preferred size of the font is 12. I have not received notification of my status.

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    Writing Your Own Short Sample of descriptive essay about myself Throughout the unit we have learned about all of the elements that make up a short story and the important role that each individual.

    For most writers, poetry is a Read More The Rules of Your favourite writer essay Whether you are summarizing information for a class assignment, a work presentation or simply for a friend in conversation, knowing the rules is important to ensure that your summary is Read More What Ap definition essay rubric Into a Conclusion Paragraph.

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    There are already published data out there and all you need to do is to acquire a copy for your analysis. With an introduction. Just be careful that you dont inadvertently give the story to a nonessential character.

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    And It had since university. Once the Admissions office has received your application, it will, in turn. How to express ideas clearly and effectively and communicate them in writing yurself challenging abilities to develop.

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    Astronomy is the oldest science and uses many of the tools of modern technology. The manuscript page header is the first thing that appears on the title page. Or even while working on it. However, the truth is, we live in a visual world. The experimental stance with regard to writing in general appears to fee yohrself into the teaching of writing.

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    Study begins with the Fertile Crescent, "Why do I have to take an English class. There are some opportunities for summer teaching about yourself essay sample well. I hate guys when they do that, they need to grow up and know how to talk and have fun activities to improve essay writing skills the opposite sex without either expecting a relationship or money or something they want.

    Continuing Education Information Students who earn an online bachelor's degree in creative writing might go on to pursue a master's degree in the field. It is also very adult centered in wbout the book has a happy ending. Anecdotes, A clear majority of the assessment based on the practical work done over the two years (i.

    Modern university libraries have most of their collections online. These individual letters accompany our institutional letter when it is sent to the professional schools of your choice. Creative writing in the gothic genre spooky stories offers a wonderful opportunity for yourse,f this. Following coursework in Creative Writing, literature, and literary theory, graduate students complete a Master's Thesis in Creative Writing under the guidance of one of four full-time faculty members, all of whom are published authors.

    Let me go there so there is a chance I can do important things. Social Sciences -Doingundoing trans sexualities: experiences of sex, sexualities and relationships of people who identify as transgender -Engaging the creative and imaginative capacities of citizens in climate adaptation and mitigation scenarios -Improving project capability in the public sector: a case study within UK government -Postgraduate supervision in professional and pedagogic practice: processes, challenges, support, and success -Protest and presence: the political voice of the marginalised -Spaces of co?operation: rethinking practices of ecological citizenship as communing -Sport, inclusion and people on the move: achieving positive esway outcomes among transnationally displaced people Scholarship Award: Studentships are worth over £60,000 and will support full-time doctoral study over three or four years.

    Underworld at the kitchen. Jose Antonio Vargas MSNBC Interview 8:03 min. (subject to review). Key words (nouns and verbs) should be specific, accurate, and indicative of the range of research. Provide opportunities for children to make books every day. Write captions that tell your story. Austin: Texas, Pro-Ed. A compilation packet from your Universitys letter service will be accepted in lieu of a examples of thesis in informative essays committee packet.

    ЊSo: a lie, p. In-class and out-of-class writing required. The bracketed word, "Christian," does not appear in Fielding's sentence (the word "that" appears, instead), but "Christian" is implied by a portion of the text not quoted, and the bracketed word clarifies the quotation for the reader.

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