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Comparison of Characters and The Definition of a Hero Essay - hamlet, p

Comparison of Characters and The Definition of a Hero Essay

Heroes are rarely seen in today's world. Too many people are worried about money or power to be concerned with others around them. But then that leads to the definition of a hero. It is possibly a person who does moral good in the world, or perhaps someone who stands up for those who do not have the power to do so themselves. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but people must remember that they are still human. They do make mistakes and they can be selfish. Such is the case in both Hamlet and Tempest. Both main characters have been slighted in some way and both eventually get their revenge. They are similar and different in the ways that they go about this business. Thus, Hamlet and Prospero shall be discussed in detail to each other and how they performed as the "hero" of the play.
To begin with comparisons, of which there are many, one must start with the most obvious similarity, that being that Hamlet and Prospero have both been slighted in some way. In Hamlet's case, his father has been murdered by his uncle. Hamlet’s own father tells him, “The serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ Now wears his crown.”(Hamlet, Act one, Scene Five, Lines 44-45). In Prospero's case, his dukedom was taken from him by his brother Antonio with the help of Alonso. Another similarity is the way that both of them think logically before doing a rash act. They do not simply jump into a situation with swords blazing; rather they look towards calculated and logical means of exacting their revenge. Hamlet uses a play in order to confirm his father's murder and Sydney Lanier explains, "Here in Hamlet the motive of the anti-masque is quite clear: it is to entrap the King's conscience into a clear betrayal of his guilt in murdering his brother and us.

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. world hope that they don't have to be incredibly gifted just to be a hero. Hamlet and Prospero show that things go wrong and you have to try to set them right. Morality is unfortunately diminishing in our time and stories like these help to bring forward those long lost emotions. Man never truly loses those emotions, he simply must be reminded of them.

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Point Method Advantages And Disadvantages

Search Results for: point method advantages and disadvantages

Essay evaluation method in performance appraisal

1. Definition of essay evaluation

• This method asked managers / supervisors to describe strengths and weaknesses of an employee’s behavior. Essay evaluation is a non-quantitative technique
• This method usually use with the graphic rating scale method.

2. Input of information sources

• Job knowledge and potential of the employee;
• Employee’s understanding of the company’s programs, policies, objectives, etc.;
• The employee’s relations with co-workers and superiors;
• The employee’s general planning, organizing and controlling ability;
• The attitudes and perceptions of the employee, in general.

3. Disadvantages of essay evaluation

• Manager / supervisor may write a biased essay.
• A busy rater may write the essay hurriedly without properly assessing the actual performance of the worker.
• Apart from that, rater takes a long time, this becomes uneconomical from the view point of the firm, because the time of rater is costly.
• Some evaluators may be poor in writing essays on employee performance. Others may be superficial in explanation and use flowery language which may not reflect the actual performance of the employee.

Search Sample Formats:

Job evaluation by point method

1. Overview of point method

A set of compensable factors are identified as determining the worth of jobs.

The point method is an extension of the factor comparison method.

Each factor is then divided into levels or degrees which are then assigned points. Each job is rated using the job evaluation instrument. The points for each factor are summed to form a total point score for the job.

Jobs are then grouped by total point scores and assigned to wage/salary grades so that similarly rated jobs would be placed in the same wage/salary grade.

2. Factors of point system:

• Experience
• Education
• Ability

• Fiscal
• Supervisory

Working Conditions
• Location
• Hazards
• Extremes in Environment

3. Advantages of point method

• Highly stable over time
• Perceived as valid by users and employees
• Likely to be reliable among committee that assesses the jobs
• Provides good data to prepare a response to an appeal

4. Disadvantages of point method

• Time, money, and effort required to set up
• Relies heavily on key (benchmark) jobs, so if key jobs and correct pay rates don’t exist, the point method may not be valid.

1. Definition of behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS):

• This method used to describe a performance rating that focused on specific behaviors or sets as indicators of effective or ineffective performance.
• It is a combination of the rating scale and critical incident techniques of employee performance evaluation.

2. Classification of behaviorally anchored rating scales:

• Behavioral observation scales
• Behavioral expectations scales
• Numerically anchored rating scales

3. Rating scales

Each behavior can rate at one of 7 scales as follows (you can set scales depend on your requirements)
• Extremely poor (1 points)
• Poor (2 points)
• Below average (3 points)
• Average (4 points)
• Above average (5 points)
• Good (6 points)
• Extremely good (7 points)

4. Advantages and disadvantages of behaviorally anchored rating scales:

• This method are very useful and exactly.
• It is very difficult to develop this method because you need to identify what is “good level” etc.

Search Sample Formats: 1. Definition of the rating scales

• The Rating Scale is a form on which the manager simply checks off the employee’s level of performance.
• This is the oldest and most widely method used for performance appraisal.
• The scales may specify five points, so a factor such as job knowledge might be rated 1 (poorly informed about work duties) to 5 (has complete mastery of all phases of the job).

2. Content of appraisal

• Quantity of work. Volume of work under normal working conditions
• Quality of work. Neatness, thoroughness and accuracy of work Knowledge of job.
• Dependability. Conscientious, thorough, reliable, accurate, with respect to attendance, relief, lunch breaks, etc.
• Judgment
• attitude. Exhibits enthusiasm and cooperativeness on the job
• Cooperation. Willingness and ability to work with others to produce desired goals.
• Initiative.

3. Rating scales

Rating scales can include 5 elements as follows:
• Unsatisfactory
• Fair
• Satisfactory
• Good
• Outstanding

4. Advantages of the rating scales

• Graphic rating scales are less time consuming to develop.
• They also allow for quantitative comparison.

5. Disadvantages of the rating scales

• Different supervisors will use the same graphic scales in slightly different ways.
• One way to get around the ambiguity inherent in graphic rating scales is to use behavior based scales, in which specific work related behaviors are assessed.
• More validity comparing workers ratings from a single supervisor than comparing two workers who were rated by different supervisors.

Search Sample Formats: 1. Definition of paired comparison analysis

• Paired comparison analysis is a good way of weighing up the relative importance of options.
• A range of plausible options is listed. Each option is compared against each of the other options. The results are tallied and the option with the highest score is the preferred option.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of paired comparison analysis

• It is useful where priorities are not clear.
• It is particularly useful where you do not have objective data to base this on.
• It helps you to set priorities where there are conflicting demands on your resources.
• This makes it easy to choose the most important problem to solve, or select the solution that will give you the greatest advantage.

3. Steps to conduct paired comparison analysis

• List the options you will compare (elements as A, B, C, D, E for example).
• Create a table 6 rows and 7 column.
• Write down option to column and row; A to row second, cell first from left and A to row first, cell second from left; B to row third, cell first from left and B to row first, cell third from left etc; column seventh is total point.
• Identify importance from 0 (no difference) to 3 (major difference).
• Compare element “A” to B, C, D, E and place “point” at each cell.
• Finally, consolidate the results by adding up the total of all the values for each of the options. You may want to convert these values into a percentage of the total score.

4. Paired comparison in performance appraisal

• The term used to describe an appraisal method for ranking employees.
• We use the above model to appraise employee’ s performance.

Search Sample Formats:

Comparison and contrast essay

Comparison and contrast essay

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Comparison contrast essay examples

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Comparison and contrast essay point by point

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