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Manually Modifying Graphic Settings:

Under the same GRiD folder that has your savegame folder, you wil find another folder called hardwaresettings. Things like draw distance, memory use, post-processing features and quality levels can be manually changed here.

Backup "hardware_settings_config.xml" first, then you can look at tweaking your graphics. Simply load the xml file into Notepad or other text editor.

An example (a popular mod) is to disable Bloom & Blur effects which makes the graphics appear sharper and more detailed (and a bit easier on the eyes!).

<postprocess enabled="true" blur="true" />

<postprocess enabled="false " blur="false " />

If you modify the file and the game won't start then just copy back the backup you created.

You can also on modern graphics cards override (or enhance) some of the quality settings via your control panel. For an older game like GRiD this can be a benefit, allowing for better anti-aliasing, texture filtering etc.

For Nvidia users, this is found under the 'Manage 3D Settings' section. Navigate to the Program Settings tab, and add 'grid.exe'. Then you can manually change the settings listed. Remember to apply once you have made your changes. I recommend only changing one setting at a time and test to ensure you keep good frame performance.

Note: If you go into your in-game graphic settings, your manual changes will get overridden. Keep a modified backup xml version as well (just in case).

** If anyone in the community has a more detailed description/guide/tip of what is good to change or best options for tweaking these settings please post in the comments and I will add. **

Enable HD Resolutions

Manually Remove Resolution Restrictions:

Sometimes GRiD may restrict the default configuration to 1280x1080 maximum resolution, based on your hardware configuration (it may not recognise your modern GPU).

This restriction can be removed, which will allow you to change to your native HD resolution within the GRiD options menu (in-game).

Navigate to your GRiD installation folder under your Steam folder:

X:\<Steam Install Location>\steamapps\common\grid\system\

In here you will find a file called "hardware_settings_restrictions.xml" .

Make a backup of the original to another location (just in-case!).

Open hardware_settings_restrictions.xml in Notepad/Text editor.

Scroll towards the bottom of the file to locate the following lines; Delete the 3 lines & SAVE .

data res mem="270" maxWidth="1280" /data

Restart game. You should now be able to choose any resolution supported by your hardware.

Skip Intro Movie

No Intro Movies:

Always bugs me when you just want to get into a game yet it always wants to play the introduction videos. Well these can be skipped for GRiD.

Navigate to your GRiD install folder:

Step 1: Rename intro.bik & intro_us.bik (ie change to intro_ .bik & intro_us_ .bik)

Step 2: Create the dummy video files. This can quickly be done in Windows by 'Right Click' in a folder and selecting New > Text Document from the menu. Once created, rename file to the original file names (intro.bik & intro_us.bik). Ignore the Windows warning about becoming unusable and accept the name change.

Note: Ensure you highlight the full file name including extension. If you cannot see the extension (.txt / .bik) then find the File Options menu in Windows Explorer (Press ALT if not visible) and untick the box for 'Hide Extensions for known file types'.

With the dummy video files in place GRiD will try to play an empty file, skipping it and going straight to game menu.

There are a number of other videos in the videos folder which you can use the same trick to bypass playback but intro are the main ones on startup. Such as these:

driftbattle_e.bik driftfree_e.bik driftgp_e.bik GRID_career_intro_01.bik GRID_career_intro_01_us.bik lemans_e.bik nighttouge_e.bik protouge_e.bik stockcar_e.bik

* Best not to 'Verify integrity of game cache' in Steam after. It may d/load the originals again! *

Disable Computer Opponents:

Do the other cars just get in the way, or are you stuck on a particular race?

You can 'disable' the other cars by removing (x = your drive letter i.e C:\ ):

(The cars will still be in your race, but they will not move.)

Important! Keep a backup copy of the original file to ensure you can restore the cars racing again. If not validate your install in Steam and it should download it again.

8-Ball & Prestige DLC Mod: Info

The 8-Ball & Prestige Pack DLCs were released in 2008 & 2010 for the XBox 360 & Playstation 3 versions of GRID.

These added 18 more cars and 1 new track (Details below) to the Multiplayer & Race Day modes.

Not available in GRID World (Career) Mode.

In March 2013, GRID was released for the Mac including the additional DLC content.

Some clever chap (over here ) was able to extract those DLCs from the MAC version to allow you to use them on the PC version! Thank you!

As of November 2013, Codemasters doesn't have any official plans to release this update for the PC version, but following the instructions below you can mod your game 'unofficially' to take advantage of the new content!

Release Date:12/4/2008

The ‘8 Ball’ pack for GRID™ features 8 thrilling new cars and two new online events as the first in a series of three new extensions for the game. Each carefully selected and beautifully realised vehicle is a thoroughbred racing car chosen for its unique personality to deliver a stunning race experience. All 8 cars become available in ‘Race Day’ mode and in online races. Two new multiplayer events, set on existing circuits from across GRID’s three continents, have been created to test drivers to their very limit online.

Car List:
McLaren F1 GTR
TVR Cerbera Speed 12
Mitsubishi 2.0 Turbo Lancer Evolution X
Honda S2000
Nissan GTR GT500
VW Nardo
Pontiac Firebird Trans AM
Volvo C30 Green Racing

Prestige Pack description:

Release Date:01/03/2010

The Prestige Pack for GRID™ adds 10 sensational high performance cars to the game and a brand new race track, the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, Australia. The content is available in two areas – Multiplayer Modes and Race Day mode. Additional content is made available in multiplayer modes through the addition or modification of multiplayer events. These events can be voted for when playing multiplayer modes.

The cars are:
Lamborghini Gallardo GT
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Mazda Furai
Mercedes SLR McLaren 722
Honda Integra Type-R (DC5)
Lotus 2-Eleven, Bugatti Veyron
Jaguar XKR GT3
Ferrari F430 GTC
Ferrari F575 GTC.

Additional cars are available in Race Day mode by selecting the relevant discipline.

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