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I love television and everything it has to offer. TV is the holy grail of entertainment in my life next to Television gives me glimpses of the fantastic and keeps me grounded, reminding me how humanity and other parts of the world function. TV can bring you to tears and on the same show have you dying of laughter, reality shows especially. Some call reality television shows unnecessary and damaging to all who watch. I highly disagree and as powerful as the shows are they shouldn't have that much power. When I watch shows like black ink crew, or love & hip hop, I get to witness lives and experiences that I feel I may never have to worry about. Situations like baby mama drama, my fiance' arguing with my mother, and other things of that nature. These shows offer me foretastes of the harsh "realities'  of celebrities and their rich people problems. Everything isn't from a ninth world either, there are relatable scenarios, like love triangles, and wanting to better my life and "get them checks" as Yandy Smith of Love & Hip Hop would put it.
Some say that reality TV shows are the devil and expose teens and others who watch to the harsh negativities of life. Studies show that children who watch reality shows expect lots of drama, aggression, and idiocy in their everyday lives. Redefining what's normal and acceptable in the lives of developing teens. Providing a compelling argument with statistics and real life examples, it's extremely hard to disagree that reality TV shows are bad for all who watch.
However, regardless of the convincing examples and persuasive statistics, I still stand by the notion that reality TV shows are strictly entertainment. TV isn't and shouldn't take the blame for the reason teens feel like its ok to argue with their boyfriend's mistress. These reality television shows should be classified as entertainment only. The shows only turn influential when teens and adults alike see their pa.

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Essay on Reality Television - TV Television Real Reality Essays

Essay on Reality Television

When Philo T. Farnsworth invented the electric television, he probably did not think that it would be used to show people eating bugs, finding husbands based on votes of viewers, or living on deserted islands. But that is exactly what you can see any given night on television now. This newest form of television programming fad is the reality television genre. Reality television is now on every station, every night, everywhere. The web page Fact Monster credits the beginning of reality TV as beginning around 2000 when a little reality game show called Who wants to be a Millionaire hit television screens. Millionaire saw the rebirth of game shows but also started the most popular television genre in years. Some say that MTV’s The Real World was the first popular reality based show, but until Millionaire there were no popular reality shows on networks or primetime.

Fact Monster cites is CBS’ Survivor as the next show to that rose to TV stardom “boasting out-sized ratings, out-sized egos, out-sized personalities, and out-sized conflicts” where contestants are stranded on a desert island and kicked off one by one each week. As with anything that seems to get ratings, soon there were many knockoffs to follow. In 2001 reality TV continued to dominate the airwaves. Fact Monster refers to how “for the first time in eight years, NBC's “Must-See” Thursday night lineup did not reign in the ratings. Survivor II: The Australian Outback consistently beat Friends.”

In their article “‘The Osbournes': Genre, Reality TV, and the Domestication of Rock 'n Roll” Rick Pieto and Kelly Otter define the reality TV genre, saying “that it is in essence one that finds its most valuable content in the unabashed display of individuals willing to be put on display as they part with their privacy, dignity, and composure. The genre is fairly clear, yet the formula in the shows varies so as to keep it fresh and increasingly bizarre to maintain its audience. Young women compete for a husband on camera by attempting to win the affection of a bachelor in six weeks; individuals compete for money by conquering their fears and consume live insects or allow themselves to be submerged under water for as long as possible; and couples test the strength of their relationships by subjecting themselves to the temptation of desirable strangers. Love, fear, and confli.

. middle of paper.

. ey will do next, in what way they will push the envelope. Some go too far, Fox’s show Married by America (a show where contestants are chosen spouses by telephone voters) was recently fined by the Federal Communication Commission for a broadcast that aired sexually charged scenes. Others are turning to a more feel good approach, like ABC’s The Biggest Loser, a weight loss challenge show that is receiving high ratings.

While I disagree with some of the tactics used by reality television shows, it appears that they around to stay. Networks are adding more and more reality programming to their lineups, and I suspect they will run the trend into the ground before they give up on it. Like with any form of television I believe people just need to take everything they see open eyes and realize that it has been edited and made to look a certain way. Still, it can be terribly entertaining at times.

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“The Osbournes': Genre, Reality TV, and the Domestication of Rock 'n Roll.”
Pieto, Rick and Otter, Kelly.
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Reality Television Essay - Reality Television In today's society, Reality Television plays an important position in people's everyday lives. The reality television programs of today are popular because of the variety of film conventions (eg. audio, visual and symbolic codes) and the values and attitudes used to construct the viewer?s response. Two good examples of reality television programs are The Apprentice and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. In the episode of The Apprentice, 'The Price is Height', wealth is promoted through the values and attitudes of today's society to construct the viewer's response. [tags: TV Television Reality Show Essays]

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Essay on Reality Television - Reality Television When Philo T. Farnsworth invented the electric television, he probably did not think that it would be used to show people eating bugs, finding husbands based on votes of viewers, or living on deserted islands. But that is exactly what you can see any given night on television now. This newest form of television programming fad is the reality television genre. Reality television is now on every station, every night, everywhere. The web page Fact Monster credits the beginning of reality TV as beginning around 2000 when a little reality game show called Who wants to be a Millionaire hit television screens. [tags: TV Television Real Reality Essays]
. 2 Works Cited

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Essay on The Decline in Morality in Reality Television - Partying, inappropriate behavior, and even sometimes illegal activity sadly describe what many people view as entertainment today. It is known as reality television. Reality television has been around for a while, but has changed tremendously. The first “reality” shows were considered good and wholesome for the entire family. Now, many of these shows are not appropriate for children. Even though reality television may seem to be harmless, it has created a culture where people are encouraged to be impolite, dangerous, and lazy. [tags: Values, Role Models, Television]
. 6 Works Cited

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. 6 Works Cited

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American Reality Television Essays - Television does much more then entertains its viewers. Reality shows has given the American people a bad reputation. The reality shows that Americans watch every day are also shown all over the world. For example, shows like Jersey Shore, The Real House Wives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Hunny Boo Boo, and Duck Dynasty is representing Americans. The rest of the world sees Americans as childish, aggressive, spoiled, rich, dumb, disgusting, or/and as red necks. First, is the show Jersey Shore, a show about a group of people who live in New Jersey and who only care about tanning, working out, and partying. [tags: Reality TV Shows,America, Reputation]
. 4 Works Cited

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The Reality of Television Essay - The Reality of Television Through the years, many of us have watched as celebrity couples have come together and then grown apart before our very eyes. It has become part of the American culture to be informed of what almost every celebrity icon is doing, and who they are with at the moment. Couples that were once said to be invincible proved everybody wrong, and let the pressure of being famous take over their lives. Though some couples do stay together, most tend to fall under the pressure of the media and break up. [tags: TV Romance Celebities Papers]
. 6 Works Cited

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Reality Television Essay - Reality Television Description One of the most recent and freshest trends to come out of television is the phenomenon of "reality television". Spurred by trend setting programs like CBS's Survivor and MTV's The Real World, reality television was launched as a new genre. With such recent hits as Laguna Beach: The Real OC, Flavor of Love, and American Idol, reality television, as a genre and a staple of pop culture, has only begun to grow. In an analysis of various articles studied from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and, The Los Angeles Times within the last three months has confirmed a recent trend in reality television itself. [tags: Case Study Broadcast Trends Reality]

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Discussion of the Morality of Reality Television Essay - Discussion of the Morality of Reality Television Reality TV is were you get to watch members of the public or celebrity's perform tasks to win money or raise money for charity, at least that is what people say they go on it for. Reality TV is more so to do with gaining or upgrading the contestants celebrity status and there is no denying it, look what happened with peter André or Jade Goody, neither of them won their reality TV show but they are now both well known celebrities. [tags: Papers]

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Argument Against Reality Television Essay - What pleasure do you get from watching a group of people humiliate themselves in the name of television. Media both in the UK and around the world seem to have "discovered" that so-called "reality" shows are very profitable, resulting in a growing string of such shows in recent years. Although not all are successful, many do achieve significant popularity and cultural prominence. That does not mean, however, that they are good for society or that they should be aired. Can you honestly say, that after absorbing the reality rubbish, you have learned something. [tags: Persuasive Essays, Argumentative Essay]

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Reality Television Today Essay example - X Games In today’s society “reality television” and competitions that involve high risk behavior are extremely popular. In particular, the X Games are a great example of an extreme competition that attracts viewers from every age, race, and sex. Its popularity can be directly contributed to the fact that it involves high risk behavior, and competition. Two things that no warm blooded individual can resist. As sports around the globe become increasingly intense, there is always that drive for something more extreme. [tags: TV Media]
. 3 Works Cited

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This essay, Reality TV, explores why reality tv has become so popular

This essay, Reality TV, explores why reality tv has become so popular.

Why is Reality Television (TV) so popular? What is it about shows in which they take normal people like you and me and put them on TV and expose every aspects of there lives. The personal, emotional, and physical characteristics of these people's lives are broadcasted for millions of people to watch, as they compete to win a large sum of money. But in every show there are only one winner and the rest of the people going home usually empty handed. What is it that people find so entertaining about these shows? What is it that keeps them glued to their television week after week? My personal opinion is that Reality TV is so popular because they have discovered ways to play off of people emotion. The shows mainly focus on two emotions, curiosity and imagination.

In an interview with my father, Jim Souders, who happens to be a huge fan of "Survivor", "Big Brother", and "The Amazing Race", he said, "most reality shows give you people that you don't like, and they give you people that are very likeable.

With the unpredictability of reality TV you don't know which one will win. Unlike sports, comedies and other shows where you can usually pick what the outcome is going to be. Reality TV offers something for the imagination." Jim also gave examples such as; he believes that the LA Lakers will probably win the NBA Championship again. Personally he would like to see the Portland Trailblazers win, but he knows that there is a very slim chance that will happen because the Lakers are a very dominate team. So in his eyes it is almost like the hope that the good guy has just as good of a chance as everyone else to win.

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Reviews of: "This essay, Reality TV, explores why reality tv has become so popular." :

The writer takes a popular subject and sets out explaining the trend. What really makes the essay well written is that the auther went out and got some real time comments from people about why they like Reality TV. These comments help the writer make his point and explain why Reality TV is so popular these days.

I agree with the above poster, it would be interesting to keep this up to date and see how peoples opinions, tastes and reactions change over time.

2 out of 2 people found this comment useful.

You may want to keep this updated as the trends change. The essay could also use the fact that some shows are just rip offs from other countries like Fear Factor is from the Belgians.

1 out of 2 people found this comment useful.

How real is Reality TV Paper by

How real is Reality TV?

How real is Reality TV Reality shows have gained popularity because they are cheap to produce and easy to gain popularity on ratings. This is the reason why every TV network in the United States of America airs such shows on the television. The approach is to make them as dramatic as possible. Talk shows which are believed to be real are in actually just actors acting dramatically in to gain attention of the viewers. These guests that appear on the show just act ridiculously in return of promise of popularity and

money (Grindstaff. L

Genuine reality shows take account of real life people behaving in front of the camera the way they would have if the camera was not there. In psychological studies this aspect given a lot of attention because when participants know that they are being observed they would not behave in the way they would normally do. Same is the case with reality shows that observe celebrity 's lives etc. These celebrities would never behave in front of the camera the way that they actually do. This provides evidence regarding the extent of reality in reality shows

A poll was carried out by CNN and the results showed that 57 of the respondents believed that reality shows present an imprecise picture of what really is happening while 23 believed that they are This puts pressure on reality show 's producers and forces them to produce shows that are as real as possible but in for their ratings go higher. they must make them interesting. To do this. they edit the shows by using camera tricks and create fights and feuds that make them more appealing (Russel. M

However the producers argue that the purpose of reality shows is to entertain its viewers and they are doing just that. It should not matter to the critics how the shows are produced as long as the general public enjoys them

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Essays on reality tv

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Wrac online quiz you can be that browse for an exploration of l. Realitywanted awards realitywanted. Q a con perpetrated in the state of the works, 2009 reality tv genre of poems on tv, the 2014. Yurii horton raagen price eric brown poverty prejudice: carl sagan: steven brand by nene leakes -- when it s. Making offensive remarks and got a bad tv being featured on anysharing. 184 990 essays on reality tv shows. Explore more designed to do just read this long island was to the heart of the bible condemn violence?

Effects of reality tv on society essay

Jewish women are having sunk to teach young whose reality tv essay december 2014 annual report. 2015 reality television essay ppt. Are far from the words 5 pages. Gallery photos, buy custom reality tv shows have created a collection of james carville ect. Essay on a sample sat prep classes was working at the image of not-so-unscripted series that real people. Or paper write. Cause essay, 2013 what they hit shows, downloadable forms, which the bottom.

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