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15 Best Examples of Hotel Brochure Design Ideas

15 Best Examples of Hotel Brochure Design Ideas

Along with the development of the hospitality business sector, Hotel Brochure demand are also increased. A professional and attractive brochure design will represent about the hotel. Elegant design is being targeted by many hotel business marketer which results proved able to increase potential customers.

Today we will showcase some Best examples of Hotel Brochure Design Ideas that will teach you how a single page can give value effectively.

15 Best Hotel Brochure Design

1. Hotel Paramount Brochure designed by Julie George

Marketing brochure to obtain investors interest in developing a luxury hotel in Hollywood.

2. Browns Boutique Hotel Brochure designed by coocoocoo

Brochure for Browns Boutique Hotel, Queenstown

3. Small Hotel Royal Brochure designed by Luca Pellanda

A small brochure for a new boutique hotel. The hotel is small, so inspire the dimension and format of brochure.

4. The Jefferson Hotel Brochure designed by Eduardo Garcia - Lopez

The Jefferson Hotel is located in Washington DC and went through a complete renovation. The client wanted to create a brochure and various pieces that evoked the history of the hotel but at the same time bringing it a new standard of modern luxury. The main character on this project was the choice of paper and binding system. Three different kinds of papers where used to bring the rustic feel and the design of the content was the key player to bring this marriage together in a subtle way.

5. Cotswold House Hotel Brochure designed by Lesley Nichols

Cotswold House Hotel & Spa in Chipping Campden required a display and brochures to promote the hotel, in particular the opportunity for Exclusive Use for companies and groups. I created concepts, design and artwork for a display that was exhibited at the Office 2011 Exhibition at Earls Court along with brochures which gave a real feel for this boutique regency house hotel.

6. Blazer Suites Hotel Brochure designed by S & Team

THE BLAZER SUITES HOTEL BROCHURE. The idea for Blazer Suites’ brochure is inspired by the hotel’s very name. Our client asked us to create a rather special brochure. We designed the hotel’s brochure inspired by the hotel’s very name and its target group, consisting mainly of business travelers. We therefore created a singer sewn leaflet with etiquette to “talk” about tailor-made solutions.

7. Folleto Hotel Bichu Brochure designed by luis ebenezer sanchez

8. TD Hotels corporate brochure designed by WORKOF

Corporate brochure for TD Hotels.

9. Elton House Hotel Brochure designed by Giles Cooke

New hotel start up in South Yorkshire, includes stationery, brochure, advertising.

10. Spa Identity: Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi designed by Quentin Berryman

Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, Spa visual identity and brochure

11. Amway Grand Plaza Hotel designed by Megan Sullivan

12. The Palace Hotel brochure designed by Ania Steshko

A brochure for The Palace Hotel, Malta.

13. Carte Blanche Brochure designed by Ideas Factory

Based on our experience of the luxury travel sector, our client came to us with an idea for a boutique travel company that offered tailored travel in exclusive style — Carte Blanche was born.

As well as naming the company, Ideas Factory guided Carte Blanche through the branding process, including; identity, stationery suite, all travel related documents and a marketing strategy that consisted of brochures, website and advertising.

Key to the success of the project was the creation of a brochure that stood out and announced the Carte Blanche offer — Tailored Travel & Exclusive Style.

Ideas Factory developed the brochure in two parts to communicate these two sets of values — The Destinations brochure gives you ideas of what to do and where to do it, while the Hotels brochure details over 200 of the most stylish places to stay whilst there.

Designed as a ‘blank canvas’ on the outside, the brochures are bursting with inspiration.
14. Hotel Allegro Chicago Brochure designed by Michael Pretz

Theme concept for a Hotel. Where it has a jazz theme. This is the brochure for it. Binded uniquely with eyelets.

15. Simpson's Brochure Pack designed by Greig Anderson

Simpson's approached us to design a new sales brochure pack which reflected the quality and style of this well established hotel based in Aberdeen. They required a multi-use brochure which showcased the hotels offerings from rooms, suites, bar, restaurant and corporate facilities as well as showcasing the hotels fully serviced apartment development, Kepplestone Manor.

The oversize A5 pack includes a folder flap at the rear to contain various tailored inserts so the hotel can include a variety of changing special offers and promotions throughout the year. To further enhance and reflect the quality and style of the hotel the brochure has metallic silver foil blocking, spot silver ink and gloss varnish throughout.

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Brochure design: 10 top creative tips

Creative Bloq Brochure design: 10 top creative tips Yes, you can put together a slick printed product. But do you know how to make a brochure that really dazzles? These top tips will get you started.

We've given you a selection of great brochure templates for designers to create a solid design portfolio. But now you've learned enough about brochure design that you can create a brochure from scratch, how do you make it really stand out? The difference between a good brochure and a great brochure are encapsulated in the design tips below.

01. Know your purpose before you start

Get you client to outline their brochure design objectives

When you're thinking about how to design a brochure, start by asking clients why they think that they need a brochure. Then, they need to define their objectives. Sometimes they just want one because their last brochure didn't work. If they've come up with a brief for you, take a step back from that and look at exactly what it is they're trying to achieve.

02. Limit your fonts

You don't need many fonts when you're thinking of how to design a brochure – just a heading, subheading and body copy font. But we see it all the time in student portfolios, people think they need to find a headline font nobody has ever used before. Clients will usually take the lead on fonts as they'll often have a corporate identity in place.

03. Take stock of your paper stock

Talk about paper stock before you put pen to notepad. If you're working for a client, ask if it has to be the standard A4. Find out if they've considered using uncoated paper, for example. There's a great post here on making a paper choice.

04. Get your copy right

You may not like to hear it but excellent copy is crucial to great brochure design

Great copy is often the most undervalued element in brochure design. A lot of people don't understand that copy needs to be considered as part of the overall design concept. At the early stage of any brochure design project, experiment with the copy to see if it needs reworking. Headlines aren't something to just drop in later.

05. Put readers first

When thinking of how to design a brochure, keep the end purpose in mind. Is this a brochure that's going to be posted out in response to requests made on a website? Is it a giveaway at an exhibition, or a leave-behind brochure? When someone opens it, what will it say to them? Design for that person, not for yourself.

06. Think of simple statements

Keep brochure design concepts clear and simple

You want to know how to make a brochure that stands out, right? Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. If a client has decided they want lots of cliched images to get a particular point across, it's probably better to scrap them. The solution might be to use a typographic cover instead, and make a very literal statement about what they want to say.

07. Set pen to paper

Break out the layout pads and try drawing and sketching ideas to start with. Brainstorm everything among everybody, rather than taking a brief away for two weeks and then presenting three concepts to see which one the client hates the least.

08. Keep what works

Don't try to be wacky or different just for the sake of it when you're thinking of how to design a brochure that gets noticed. For example, most designers use the same 10 to 20 fonts across a lot of the projects they work on. There are sound design reasons why Helvetica is used a lot, and why Rockwell is a good headline font.

09. Make a good first impression

You must convey a good impression with your brochure design

Brochure designs need to fit in with what the client does as a business. Charities don't want luxury brochures that'll make people think they've spent a lot of money on them, whereas a new product might need a brochure that looks amazing on an exhibition stand beside it.

10. Shoot sharp

To make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you need good photos. If you're using stock imagery – budgets don't always stretch to a photoshoot – try to find pictures that don't look like they're stock images. Never cut corners.

This feature was originally published in Computer Arts magazine.

30 Real Estate Brochure Designs for Inspiration

30+ Real Estate Brochure Designs for Inspiration

One of the best ways to get a professional-looking advertisement for selling a house is by making a cool real estate brochure. It provides a quick overview of relevant information regarding the property, as well as other incentives and benefits to motivate a person to make a buy offer.

A real estate brochure is an absolute necessity for self-promotion and success. It should be professionally produced, presenting an agent as dependable and competent, and his properties as attractive and reasonably priced.

In this post I will be sharing with you more than 30 incredible real estate brochure designs that will help inspire your creativity. I hope these great ideas will help you to design your own unique brochure.

This brochure was for a project that sells high-end luxury villas, complete with modern amenities. The focus was to design a brochure with nature as the fountain of inspiration.

Ewaan is more than a company building real estate projects. It is dedicated to the craftsmanship involved with conceiving living communities that are inspired by our surroundings, thus providing wonderful feelings and hidden potentials, and urging us to develop them in the best and most respectful way possible.

A brochure concept for an Real estate company project name “Retroavenue”.

A property brochure designed for A.A. Walker, inspired to offer the flavors and experience of Goan living and lifestyles. Baale Private Villas & Spa, a fully serviced boutique villa development, inspired by Balinese art and architecture was born to answer the need for a beautiful, sublime yet integrated Goan lifestyle experience.

A brochure design for a Real Estate Development Company. The brochure features a new established compound, showing its facilities and spaces to some interested owners and companies for leasing purposes.

The cover is a pebble die-cut shape and there is another pebble on the second white page with dome finishing. The background colours are metallic pantones, spot UV radial stokes and images.

The brochure was recognized at the International Property Awards for Development Marketing 2011. The strategy for the Nitesh Fisher Island project evolved from its name and its association with the Goan landscape.

Real estate brochure designed for a modern / luxury type of residencial building and center.

Bellevue Residence is an ultra-exclusive real estate development project.
The concept was to create a lifestyle and distinct ambiance, in a special location, by putting together harmoniously the architectural line of the buildings with the nature surrounding the complex. The special printing techniques used gave this brochure the much desired luxury and unique feel that was needed.

The project consisted in adapting the company’s project name to the print material for promoting all the high quality amenities of the residences. Idea was to make the buyer feel that he will be at peace & ease in co-existence with the nature. The ‘S’ shape of the brochure was to further give an edge and appeal to the buyer’s eye.

The brochure is done in 3D to render the authentic walk-through in the Al Maqam Tower in the Holy City of Mecca.

This is clean and modern looking Real Estate Brochure – Product Catalog InDesign template. Nice and clean look with many layout options. 16 different pages. If you dont like my colors you can change them very easily.

A variety of real estate projects including logos and brochures.

Optus Realty Pvt. Ltd is a Gurgaon based real estate firm, formerly known as Sing Properties. Optue Realty is a 25 year old Real Estate firm. The brochure design was kept simple and colors used were subtle.

Corporate identity and brochure for a property development company in based in Chicago.

Sales brochure design for property development in Auckland, New Zealand. The design reflects the contemporary style of the building and its internal decor.

reative corporate folder, brochure design and press advertising.

Athulyam is a luxury beach front villa project by Nahar foundations, a leading property developer in Chennai. The concept of the brochure was to brand the villas as stylish homes and talk about the stylish lifestyle these homes offer.