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Personal growth essay

Brassil April 25, 2016

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Personal growth essay college

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Development And Growth Of Personal Skills Nursing Essay

Development And Growth Of Personal Skills Nursing Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

1. Development

Development could be explained as improvement in the ability and potential of personal and professional skills of a person on the basis of practical, learning and educational experiences because development is a process which remain continuous in the life of a person till his working life and as working life ended this process also ended.

As Armstrong defined development as:

"The growth or realization of a person's ability and potential through the provision of learning and educational experiences."

It is an important aspect of development that all the person do not aware of their innate/inheriditary skills uptill then they remained inconnect to use those but it is development whether through learning, educating and practical working a person gets aware of his innate skills and indeed development is a way and process which polish the individual's personal as well as his professional skills.

I am doing job as an Head of Accountant in an organization and before joining the organization I was just a simple person who has just a little knowledge of accounts but after doing practical I learn a lot about accounts because this is the development stage of mine and now I feel that I have come to the stage or in other words a I have awared of a number of innate abilities and potentials just as ability to work under workload or pressure, motivational behavior towards sub-ordinates and most pertinent to set goals of personal life and professional life.

2. Personal Skills

Personal skills are those skills which a person possess sometimes these skills are innate skills and sometimes we get those skills from learning, practicing and training. A person is a raw handed before his professional working life because at this time he is not completely aware of his abilities, potentials and skills because he has not practical experience. Practical working explores the personal abilities and potentials of a person whether these abilities are relevant or not relevant to his adopted field/profession.

During my working life I found a number of personal skills such as I found in myself that I have ability of working under work load and in circumstantial pressure or incidental working engagement because I believe in facing challenges as routine matter and the main reason of this is that I always tries to keep in touch with the studies and guidance from the experienced mentors about the hardships and possible problems about the working and this thing make me aware of such factors which can affect my work and I do possible care which helps me to avoid from unexpected hurdles in my work. It is pertinent to share herewith that my development style is making me more efficient and prominent in my working place and I also got promotion due to style of personal development.

3. Development Method

Development is a continuous process thorough which an individual can improve his abilities, working potentials and efficiencies by learning, educating and doing practical working. A person is sometimes is totally unknown from his abilities and potentials and in other words it is not meaningless to say that he remained unknown of his innate strengths and weaknesses and therefore, he chooses the wrong field of working which is totally opposite to his abilities and potentials and this wrong selection of working field mainly waste his precious time and also ruins his professional life. On the other hand when a person succeeds to assess his weakness and strengths and it helps him in selecting the best suitable field of working which causes his progress day and nights. A person can develop his personal as well as professional skills by adopting some of the following methods:-

I. Apprenticeship Development Method

A person can know his ability and potential when he works in the relevant field because practical working is entirely different from theoretical studies because during studies a person thinks that he can perform such and such work easily but when he engages in practical working in the so thought field then he knows the severity of working. Apprenticeship is a method through which an initial recruiter can even assess his abilities and potentials which he thinks on the basis of studies that it is so simple for him and also can develop his personal and professional skills because an organization never burdened the new recruiter with the sensitive work. A new recruiter can learn a lot about from apprenticeship and by taking benefits from the experience of skilled senior can improve his skills.

ii. Development through Programmed Learning

A person who is an initial recruiter or posses working experience with an organization for a number of years, can develop his skills by using the method of programmed learning. In programmed learning method the learner get the instructional material and list of relevant questions about the chosen field. Learner has to rightly answer the questions of the instructional material because the answers of these questions are programmed in such a way that it provides the requisite knowledge to the learner which is the demand of his skills. Through this method the learner in practical working has got awareness of possible hurdles and its solutions which build his confidence level and make him able to work in crucial environment or circumstances.

iii. Method of Mentoring

Mentoring is the best way for the development of personal and professional skills. A mentor keeps check on the professional activities of the learner and provide guidance to the learner in all the ways. He supervise the learner about the work requirements, working environment, organization's culture in which he has to work and being an experienced practical person he also assists the new recruiter in working and give his knowledge about the tips of better working. The main best benefit of this method is that the mentor being an experienced person personally assess the abilities and potentials of the trainee and also get him aware of the same which indeed not even helps him in developing his personal skills but professional skills too smoothly and positively. Therefore, it will be not meaningless to say that mentoring is such a method of development in which a trainer is allowed to make mistakes under supervision.

iv. Coaching

Coaching is such a development method which do not help the trainee in general but it only helps the trainee/learner to the extent of a particular field or work and normally the need of this method rise when a sudden resign or vacation of any post held and to coach the next employee and new recruiter required to fill the post immediately for continuous work. Coaching is not a very much familiar method of development because it is intended to improve the skills of a particular person in a particular work or field.

I have already observed the experience of this method personally when I was assistant accountant and was under training. Suddenly the accountant of the organization left the office due to his personal problems and in such a situation it become more difficult for the organization to run its work properly because the accountant was doing job in the organization for more than fifteen years and was completely aware of the environment of working and in other word he was the former of the organization culture because he was an experienced person and I was under his supervision for more than five years and I have known a lot about working strategies adopted by him therefore, I was promoted and I was coached for to fill the post and smooth working. During coaching I found that I was guided just about the working of this particular work and post and the rest of training I learned personally when I was trying to meet the obligation and responsibilities of the said post.

4. Personal Development Model of My Choice 4.1 Mentoring is the best Personal Development Model

As I learned and work in the field of accounts I found that MENTORING is the way through which trainee and mentor learn a lot about the work and problems solutions regarding activities of the organization. It is the best method of development of personal and as well as professional skills because in this way the mentor offers guidance, support and facilitate to the juniors/learners in effective working. Mentoring is indeed a method of development in which the trainees or juniors are allowed to make mistakes under the supervision of experienced mentor who helps them not even to rectify their mistakes but also facilitate them how to come out of such a situation and what are the ways and tips to resolve such problems.

Now I have been given additional charge of mentor I have further responsibility to do the best to development the skills of the juniors. In my view mentoring is the best method of development because in this method I share my experience with the juniors and they put different questions regarding the problems they are facing in their workings and I answer those questions and sometimes they put such questions which are relevant to organization work but are never been answered by me and nor been asked from me before, as those questions are relevant to organization work, I answered them and sometimes I studied and research more to answers those question which indeed helps me in developing my professional skills and also improve my level of confidence.

That I once in a week have to deliver lecture to the junior about the working techniques, organization culture, tips to resolving specific problem might be occurred in our working and other relevant topic and for delivering such a lecture I has to learn and recall my mind for the preparation of a comprehensive lecture. I struggle to prepare such a comprehensive lecture that after hearing the whole lecture the questions and mind of the juniors or trainees should be satisfied and no questions should be remained in their minds which cause confliction in lectures. While I am preparing lecture I consult with the latest theories and method which were not discovered or invented when I was studying, it indeed satisfy a lot of questions which are rising in my mind and finally it is important to say that by doing the duty of a mentor I found my self more efficient and a lot of personal skills with which I was completely unknown have been known to me and my work is going towards more perfection and I have been promoted for this reason.

It is best method of development because I help the juniors in working under my supervision and in this way I repeat my exercise of working which help the trainee to improve their work and also remove the factor of hesitation from their working but the main benefit of doing so to me is that by repeating my work again it makes me more efficient in working and also helps me improve my skills.

5. My Objectives and Goals

When I started my professional career I was just a theorist and had no practical experience. I was in conflict that I have no financial back ground on the basis of which I can start my own business and how I will meet my personal and as well as my professional objectives and goals. I kept observing and consulting with the superiors of mine that how they arrived at this position where they any influential back ground or they had any family relations with the executive management of the organization but I found that nothing was like, as I was thinking but it was their struggled which they kept continue and now they were at a good position then I set my personal as well as my professional goals because both are interconnected to each other.

'My professional goal at present is to be a good accountant'

'My second goal for the next two years is to be the chief accountant of the organization in which I am working'

'My third goal for the next five year is to be a member of the executive body of the organization or to start my own company'

Above described goals are my goals for the present, short term and long term goals and objectives. I am on my track to achieve my goals because life without goals is incomplete and now I have my mission to succeed in my goals. For to achieve my settled goals I am working hard and trying to improve myself as I can in the available time.

6. My Action Plan

To achieve my goals I am already struggling such as my first goals is concerned, I personally suggest the executive body of the organization that we should start some training to our junior in properly aware them about the organization culture and environment so that to provide them guidance in all the work they required which will help them not even to improve their working efficiency but it also will increase the effectiveness of organization working which will move the organization towards the achievement of its goals and objectives more effective than before. I willfully offered my services as a mentor to meet the requirement of my plan because being a mentor I will be able, not even to develop my skill but I will be prominent to the organization's executive management which leads me towards the destination of my goals. Now by performing the duties as a mentor I am feeling improvement in my professional skills and the most important thing is that my level of confidence is developing greatly. I have been awarded Performance Shield twice during my working as mentor being the best accountant in the organization under the post of Chief Accountant.

That now working of my action plan I am supposed to be the next Chief Accountant because the present Chief Accountant's will be retiring in next two years. As the main 0bjective of my plan was to come into the account of the organization's executive management and I think that I have been succeeded in my plan and as the present Chief Accountant is retiring in next two years, I have been selected and recommended by the present Chief Accountant his succession. That on the basis of mentoring I learnt a lot and developed more than my expectations and this is the road of my progress and it will help be to bring the objective and goals of the organization as well as of my goals and objectives which are directly connected to each other into reality.

My long term plan is more specifically to say is my personal plan that to start a new company of mine but it is conditional that if the management of the organization get me include in the executive management then I will remain in the company and do my effort solely for the welfare of the organization to meet it with its goals and objectives. This plan is planned on the basis of expected professional and personal development because if I selected as member of executive management of the organization then I will be receiving such amount as salary that I will have no need to start my own company but if I will not be selected as I plan then I will effort to start my own company which shall be at priority to all jobs.

7. Personal Skills Audit

As I have already express in detail hereinabove and also laid down my action plan on the basis of mentoring. During performing duties as a mentor I time and again audit my personal skills and after each audit I found myself more better than before and came to know number of my innate skills with which I was not awared before. Mentoring helps in auditing personal skills because being a mentor I guided, helped and facilitate the juniors in goal setting, problem solving, requisite in working crucial environment and a lot more. The guidance and facilitation helped me to know my strengths and weaknesses. Through mentoring I personally audited my skills and found my main weakness that I am an emotional person who some times lost temperament irrationally and my main strength is facing challenges with concentration and deliberation because challenges teach a lot of new thinks and develops personal and professional skills. I found because of mentoring that every task is never difficult or nor easy because it require some skills and attentions of the performer and if the performer pay attention with requisite skills then the task completes within time frame and efficiently. In my view the best persona and as well as professional skill is to work with concentration because concentration explore ones lacknesses and abilities when ones is performing any work with due concentration.

8. Preferred Learning Styles

Nature and habits of all the individuals are different therefore, only one style of learning is not sufficient for all to learn. Every individual's level of intelligence does not equal or match to the level of the other and all the works are not even equally understandable for everyone in the same manner therefore, style of learning is different of every individual. Being a professional a learner is at liberty whether he wants to learn or not because no one shall be go to get him from his bed and wait for him. Honey and Mumford's learning styles are being preferred because these styles help an individual to know the way through which he should learn and he can develop his personal and professional skills. One thing in development is common and i.e. the learner because the skills whether of personal or professional are intended to develop of one person.

8.1 Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles

In my view the styles of Honey and Mumford's are very much preferred because these styles divided into four categories as Activist or Dynamic Learner, Reflector or Imaginative Learner, Theorist or Analytic Learner and Pragmatist or Common Sense Learner. Honey and Mumford's styles of learning help and individual to audit his personality in the following categories:-

1. Some learners who believe in to learn through the new challenges and activities with whom they have not any experience but when they found themselves in such situations they learn, consult, get guidance, avail facilities and support from the seniors, mentors, managers and leaders. These kinds of learners are activist or dynamic learners. Such learners always keep them involves in variety of work in some time and keep them under the supervision of the seniors. Such learners learn a lot in short time because they keep believe in them that they can perform every work with the guidance, support and help of the seniors.

I found myself an Activist or Dynamic learner because I right from the start of my job like to working in challenging situations because such situations teach me a lot and indeed greatly encourage me and the support of my manager play great role and due to support, direction, guidance and facilitation indeed helped me in learning in short time. That's why I chosen mentoring as a method and model through which I not even learnt a lot but my personal and professional skills also developed in short span of time and in a short time of service I have been chosen as succession of my Chief Accountant.

2. Some learners are imaginative learners who prior to start any work observe phenomena, thinks about their skills and experience, research on it and then choose the way that how they will perform it. Such kind of learner are more emphasis on reflection because the make comparison between the work requirements and their skills and often lost heart because all the works are different and require more sophisticated techniques to perform them and for new learners it is much difficult to know even all the techniques. Such learners develop gradually.

3. Theoretical learner or Analytical learner is that learner who primarily wants to understand the underlying concepts on the basis of logical reasons. These learners are complex mind and there always remain conflict in their mind about the concepts of a task. As initial learner don't possess all the requisite knowledge with him therefore, it is very difficult for him to understand the underlying concept prior to work. These learners are very much too difficult to satisfy in respect of their conflicted question and confused minds.

4. Pragmatist or Common Sense learners are quick learners because when a task is given to them, they keep concentrate on the solutions of the problem in spite of concentrating on the concepts and ground of happening so. These learners believe in themselves because then start tasks with the support and guidance of the managers or mentors and take their facilitations and supports all the way to complete the task and during the performing of task the learn all the requisite practical techniques to accomplish the task.

9. Impact of Learning Styles on the Development Process

It has been explained hereinabove the styles of learning and the categories of learners and on the basis of above concepts I concluded that as the learners are of different level of intellectual ability and intelligence therefore, learning styles greatly affect on the development of an individual because if a learner is of pragmatist category or a common sense learn and he adopts the style of learning of imaginative learner then it will be impossible for him to learn the solution of problem but he will always be a problem for the management of the organization because his concepts will be conflicted and confused. Neither such person can perform or accomplish a task nor can develop his personal and professional skills with the pace of dynamic changing. Therefore, learning styles last rebuttable affects on the development of a learner. It is indeed the audit of a learner's personality that whether he is activist learner or pragmatist. It will not be meaning less to say that learning style greatly affect the development of a learner.

10. Important Skills for a Manager

Manager is the basic part of a management because he is the in charge, mentor and sometimes the leader of organization. All the responsibility regarding task completion lie with him. Therefore in my view a manager should possess the following personal and professional skills to perform his duties in such a way that the organizational goals and objectives could be met accordingly as is expected:

10.1 Personal Skills 10.1.1 Determinant

A manager should be determinant about his objectives of life because if he is determinant in his personal life about the aims and objectives of his life then his profession will definitely be a part of his planning to meet his personal objectives. Such persons are task oriented persons and they attitudes are flexible because their aims are firm and they mold themselves in the possible way to accomplish their task.

10.1.2 Good Personality and Positive Attitude

Manager's personality should be good and his attitude should be affective/positive because managers are sometime the leaders of bureaucratic organization and a good personality person can be more impressive and affective for others because a manager is fully concerned with the task which is the responsibility of him but in the same time he is an intermediate person between the labor and the management and he has to satisfy both the ends for effective management and expected results. Therefore, the most important personal skill for a manager is his good personality and positive behavior.

10.1.3 Planning Skill

A person who can plan the routine matters of his life properly can also possess the ability on the bases of professional experience and knowledge plan properly for an organization. The basic skill which is the prime requirement of a manager is effective planner. If a person can smoothly plan to meet the goals of his personal life then such a person can definitly effective plan for to meet the organizational goals and objectives.

10.2 Professional Skills 10.2.1 Possess Communication Skill

Task could be achieved successfully when the each worker of the team formed for the completion of task is fully aware of the task in the possible way he should be awared. It is the responsibility of the manager to communicate the task to the team properly and therefore, a manager should be possessed the skill and ability of communication so that he can positively communicate the task to the team.

In my first job I was appointed as assistant account officer and our team was consisting on fifteen members. Our manager was not did not have communication skill because when he gave us briefing on task then all of the member of the team were often surprised about the true nature and object of our work, therefore, a number of mistakes occurred during working. Therefore, the task should be clear to the whole team members because it improve the moral of the team and also make them able to work effectively.

10.2.2 Ability to Work under Pressure

Basic ability which a manager should definitely possess is working under pressure because the whole is sole depends on the direction of the manager and manager is the person who has given authority to direct, co-operate, support and facilitate the members of his team for effective working and expected brilliant results. High moral of manager encourage the team member even in curtail circumstances therefore, a manager's biggest ability is to work under the pressure.

10.2.3 Controlling and Implementing

An organization working is based on prepared strategies which are prepared on the basis of all results of previous strategies and dynamic changings in present and expected contingent changing in future and it is the responsibility of the manager to control the working of organization in such a way that the strategy so prepared and adopted by the organization should be implemented in its letters and spirits because if the strategy is not implemented in the manner it is supposed to be implemented then I cause huge loss to the organization and badly affect the reputation and career of the manager.


All the above narrated work is narrated to satisfy the ends of the task handed over to me and all the practical and personal observations have been stated along with the explanations of the concepts but it is concluded that mentoring is the best method of development for an individual because being a mentor one, becomes the favorite personality and also increase the moral of the mentor because he has to satisfy the conflicted and confused queries of the learners and in this way a number of times the mentor learns such things which he never concentrate before which improves his personal knowledge and professional skill in the same time and makes the mentor a respectable personality in the organization. Life without goals is incomplete and meaningless and goals without planning are imagination, therefore, to materialize ones goals, he should plan in accordance with his skills.

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