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Les Gouffres Antoine Barraud Critique Essay

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Directors: Christian De Vita, Writing: Cory Edwards, Antoine Barraud, Guilhem Lesaffre, Stars: Seth Green ,Dakota Fanning ,Christine Baranski ,Danny Glover ,Elliott Gould ,Jim Rash ,Ryan Lee , Country: FR Language: Français | English Synopsis Yellowbird lives in the ruins of an old house. He lacks the confidence to leave his home, no matter how much Bug, his labybird friend, tries to convince him to go out into the world. Attempts to toughen him up have had little success, so Bug seizes an opportunity that leaves Yellowbird unexpectedly finding himself the new leader of the flock that is migrating to Africa. Still, lacking faith in his own abilities and with danger and imminent failure lurking around every corner, our feathered hero is forced to either find the strength required to work with the team or bow out and stay hidden away forever.

Directors: Christian De Vita, Writing: Cory Edwards, Antoine Barraud, Guilhem Lesaffre, Stars: Seth Green ,Dakota Fanning ,Christine Baranski ,Danny Glover ,Elliott Gould ,Jim Rash ,Ryan Lee , Country: FR Language: Français | English Synopsis: Yellowbird lives in the ruins of an old house. He lacks the confidence to leave his home, no matter how much Bug, his labybird friend, tries to convince him to go out into the world. Attempts to toughen him up have had little success, so Bug seizes an opportunity that leaves Yellowbird unexpectedly finding himself the new leader of the flock that is migrating to Africa. Still, lacking faith in his own abilities and with danger and imminent failure lurking around every corner, our feathered hero is forced to either find the strength required to work with the team or bow out and stay hidden away forever.

By Boyd van Hoeij - The Hollywood Reporter

The screenplay, written by French arthouse writer-director Antoine Barraud (Les gouffres) with an assist from U.S. scribe Edwards, too often seems to be under the mistaken impression that making a movie for kids means everything needs to be overly spelled out, especially by using as many short-hand clichés as possible.


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Portrait of the Artist’ (‘Le Dos Rouge’): Film Review

The Hollywood Reporter ‘Portrait of the Artist’ (‘Le Dos Rouge’): Film Review

A haphazardly assembled and repetitious drama TWITTER

French filmmaker Bertrand Bonello stars as a director prepping a project about monstrosity in Antoine Barraud's self-reflexive drama

A deck shuffle of 8 ½. Vertigo. and Frederick Wiseman 's National Gallery with dashes of Luis Bunuel. Jean Cocteau and David Cronenberg. director AntoineBarraud 's Portrait of the Artist is an implacably French blend of intellectualism, carnality and oblique storytelling. Unabashedly arthouse in its reach, and for some probably too pretentious to endure, this off-kilter but not entirely uninteresting drama spends a lot of time schlepping round museums as a filmmaker and an art historian (Bertrand Bonello and Jeanne Balibar. respectively, both eminently watchable) discuss pictures, say gnomic things to each other and flirt. Having played already in the Berlinale's Forum section and at Lincoln Center's Rendez-Vous with French Cinema showcase, the film opens on Apr. 24 in France.

Although Barraud has some ten films listed in his filmography, apart from the feature-length documentary Daniele Gould. most of them, like Les gouffres. are longish shorts, less than an hour in duration. Perhaps this might account for the 127-minute-long Portrait 's over-attenuated quality, as if the director hasn't quite cracked how to use feature length without resorting to repetition. The scenes where Balibar's Celia, for instance, delivers quirky disquisitions on works by Juan Miro. Gustave Moreau. and Francis Bacon. among others, are interesting in perverse sort of way, but they don't move what little story the film has along very much. When Balibar disappears inexplicably and the character is take over by Geraldine Pailhas (both a nod to Bunuel and a symptom that Bonello's character may be losing his mind), the lectures just start to become a drag.

When Bonello's film director Bertrand isn't with his Janus-faced art advisor, he spends his time drifting about Paris, supposedly in pre-production on a film about a "female monster," a two-word logline Bertrand's producer (Pascal Greggory ) complains isn't quite enough to raise finance on. Bertrand's girlfriend Barbe (Joana Preiss ) is performing in a theatrical production we see occasional glimpses of which requires her to wear massive horns. Other characters waft in and out at random – Bertrand's depressed sister (Valerie Dreville), a space cadet American met in a gallery (Marta Hoskins ), a grumpy doctor (Barbet Schroeder ) Bertrand sees about the growing red rash on his back, but just to "piss off" his patient the quack insists on looking at his feet instead. Sometimes Bertrand has a jam with Barbe, making up songs based on telephone conversations or vocal riffs; sometimes he hooks up with other women; and sometimes he just sits in a taxi looking soulful.

If there's anything holding it all together, it's that theme of monstrousness, albeit very loosely defined. It's buttressed by scenes where Barbe wears a fake beard, or a journalist who comes to interview Bertrand (Nicolas Maury ) is got up in a bra and stockings to recreate a famous Diane Arbus portrait of a man in similar ensemble, an interlude that also recalls Bonello's own gender-bending film Tiresia. (He also directed the snippets of film we see that are meant to be his character's movies, although presumably character Bertrand and actor Bonello aren't meant to be synonymous.) But it's as if the filmmakers think it's too uncool to try to say anything meaningful with these elements, and just keep shaking them all together and pouring back them out, creating a kind of I-Ching approach to narrative.

The caliber of the cast (Charlotte Rampling is even on hand as a narrator) is, however, enough to draw interest and Bonello with his rumpled features and expressive mouth is himself so mesmeric a performer viewers may find themselves wishing he chose to work on this side of the camera more.

Production companies: A House on Fire presentation in co-production with Le Centre Pompidou, Anna Sanders Films, Cosmodigital, Archipel Productions, with the participation of CNC, L'Image Animee, France Televisions, Centre National des Arts Plastiques
Cast:Bertrand Bonello, Jeanne Balibar, Geraldine Pailhas, Joana Preiss, Pascal Greggory, Nicolas Maury, Valerie Dreville, Marta Hoskins, Barbet Schroeder, Charlotte Rampling, Isild Le Besco, Alex Descas
Director/screenwriter: Antoine Barraud
Producers: Cedric Walter, Vincent Wang, Antoine Barraud
Director of photography: Antoine Parouty
Editors: Catherine Libert, FredPiet
Music: Bertrand Bonello

No rating, 127 minutes


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Fantasia 2013 Award Winners Include Big Bad Wolves, Curse of Chucky - Daily Dead

2013/08/08 18:27:04 UTC

This year's Fantasia International Film Festival has come to a close and we have a list of award winners, including Big Bad Wolves and Curse of Chucky.

Montreal – Thursday August 8 th. 2013 - After Tuesday night's sold-out screening of the Canadian premiere of THE WORLD'S END, presented by director Edgar Wright and actor Nick Frost, the Fantasia International Film Festival can confirm record attendance numbers this year, boasting more than 125,000 festival-goers for its 17th edition, surpassing last year's record of 109,000 (a 15% increase). Over the course of its three-week film marathon, it presented over 131 features from 31 countries and more than 220 shorts from across the globe.

Fantasia’s 2013 edition opened with the North American Premiere of Takashi Miike’s SHIELD OF STRAW and closed with the Canadian Premiere of Edgar Wright’s THE WORLD’S END. A lifetime achievement award was given to Polish filmmaker Andrzej Zulawski. World Premieres included Joe Swanberg’s 24 EXPOSURES, Nobuo Mizuta’s THE APOLOGY KING, Don Mancini’s CURSE OF CHUCKY, Richard Stanley’s L’AUTRE MONDE (The Otherworld), Richie Mehta’s I’LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN, Robert Morin’s LES 4 SOLDATS, Lloyd Kaufman’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. 1, K. King’s ZOMBIE HUNTER, Eddie Mulins’ DOOMSDAYS, Anthony DiBlassi’s MISSIONARY, Renaud Gauthier’s DISCOPATH, Cody Calahan’s ANTISOCIAL, Darren Paul Fisher’s OXV: THE MANUAL, and James Sizemore’s THE DEMON’S ROOK.

The 2 nd edition of the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous was a resounding success, with four jam-packed days of meetings, pitch sessions, conferences and networking cocktails that were all at full capacity. The Frontières International Co-Production Market presented 24 film projects from Canada, the United States, many European Countries, Mexico and New Zealand. Attendance at the Rendez-Vous was up significantly from last year, with 280 participants in 2013: 90 from the United States, 40 from Europe, 75 from Quebec, and 60 from the rest of Canada. The great variety of participants allowed for more than 600 hundred meetings to take place around the Frontières projects and other business interests. We have it on good authority that many new production partnerships, directly resulting from encounters at Frontières, will be announced in the near future.

Fantasia is also proud to announce this year’s prize-winners:

New Flesh Award for Best First Feature. CHEAP THRILLS by E.L. Katz

Winner of this year’s SXSW’s Audience Award, the Fantasia jury calls CHEAP THRILLS, "Darkly humorous, smart and bloody in ways that will make many viewers squirm with glee. This abundantly confident first feature provides a thoroughly entertaining snapshot of modern blue collar desperation in a world addicted to easy money and childish amusement."

Special Mention. HALLEY by Sebastian Hofmann

The jury for the First Feature Competition consisted of Jury President Charles de Lauzirika (Filmmaker), Ramachandra Borcar (Musician), Manon Dumais (Film Critic, Voir), Jason Lapeyre (Filmmaker), and Stéphane du Mesnildot (Film Critic, Les cahiers du cinema).

Cheval Noir Award for Best Film. BIG BAD WOLVES by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado

Statement: With elements of horror, crime thriller, revenge drama, and wicked black comedy, BIG BAD WOLVES takes genre-bending to bold new levels. This sense of originality, along with its subversive political subtext, assured visual style, and impeccable ensemble cast, is what separates the film from the rest of the pack.


Best Screenplay. Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado for BIG BAD WOLVES

Best Actor. Cho Jae-hyun for THE WEIGHT by Jeon Kyu-hwan

Best Actress. Nathalie Boutefeu for LES GOUFFRES by Antoine Barraud

Special Mention. ACROSS THE RIVER by Lorenzo Bianchini and LES GOUFFRES by Antoine Barraud

The grand jury for the Cheval Noir Competition was comprised of Jury President Laura Kern (Managing Editor of Film Comment), Jean-Pierre Bergeron (Actor, Filmmaker), Samuel Jamier (Co-Director of the New York Asian Film Festival), Jarod Neece (Senior Programmer, South by Southwest Film Festival), and Travis Stevens (Producer, CEO of Snowfort Pictures).

Best Asian Feature :
Silver LESSON OF THE EVIL by Takashi Miike

Best International Feature :
Gold CURSE OF CHUCKY by Don Mancini
Silver OXV: THE MANUAL by Darren Paul Fisher
Bronze BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN by Felix Van Groeningen

Best Canadian or Quebec Feature :
LES 4 SOLDATS by Robert Morin

Best Animation Feature :
THE GARDEN OF WORDS by Makoto Shinkai

Guru Prize For Most Energetic Film :

Most Innovative Film :
OXV: THE MANUAL by Darren Paul Fisher

Best Short Film :
Gold LE CHEVR EUIL by Rémi St-Michel
Silver L'ÉTRANGER by Olaf Svenson
Bronze JACK ATTACK by Antonio Padovan and Bryan Norton

Best Documentary:
REWIND THIS! by Josh Johnson

Update: We've been provided with images from the Curse of Chucky screening and Q&A: "CURSE OF CHUCKY made its North American debut at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec, at a sold out screening for over 800 fans on Friday, July 31, 2013, and just won the festival’s Audience Award for Best International Feature today.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with Chucky creator/director Don Mancini, along with the film’s stars Fiona Dourif, Danielle Bisutti andChantal Quesnelle. The panel was moderated by Fangoria’s Tony Timpone. The evening also included an autograph signing where dozens of fans brought their Chucky dolls, posters and even a Chucky jacket to be signed."

Source: Photo Credit: King-Wei Chu