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How to Start Off an Essay About My Experience at the Museum

How to Start Off an Essay About My Experience at the Museum

Planning is an important part of writing an essay.

You may enjoy taking a field trip to a museum, but you might not know what to do when asked to write about the experience. There are four steps to beginning an essay on the topic “my experience at the museum” that are similar to the steps to creating any essay. These steps include forming a thesis, developing an outline, determining a point of view and crafting an introduction.

Thesis Statement

Before you being writing, you will create a thesis. A thesis statement is a claim about your essay topic, usually written in 25 words or less. Without a thesis, your essay will have no direction. Each thesis should have two parts -- a topic and a controlling idea. Fortunately, the topic for this essay already exists -- “my experience at the museum.” To develop a controlling idea, your angle on the topic, consider what you want your audience to know about your experience at the museum. For example, you might write, "My experience at the museum taught me that native crafts are under-appreciated."

An outline is a guide organizing the main ideas of your essay. There are many kinds of outlines, but the Alphanumeric outline is the most common. It contains a series of topics listed by Roman numeral, and underneath those topics, details are listed by number and sub-details listed by alphabetical order. An example of this is: I. American Indian Crafts, 1. Dream Catchers, A. Sioux Tribe, B. Cherokee Tribe. Other forms of outlines include decimal outlines and full sentence outlines. No matter what kind of outline you use, plan your main ideas before you begin writing. This will help once you actually start writing your essay.

Point of View

Point of view is the perspective from which your essay is written. There are three main points of view: first, second and third. First person uses “I.” Second person uses “you," "we," "us” and “our.” Third person uses “he," "she," and "one.” Academic essays typically use third person, while less formal expository essays typically use first or second person. If you are writing for a class, check with your instructor to see which point of view he or she prefers. If you are writing for pleasure, the point of view you use is up to you!


Once you have planned your essay, you can begin writing. Your first paragraph will be your introduction. In an introduction, you create an interesting sentence to intrigue your readers. This is called a "hook." You can use a surprising fact or statistic or ask a question. For instance, “When you think about art in the Louvre or Met, do you consider native crafts?” Then list a few sentences giving a brief overview of what you plan to address in your essay. Last, you will state your thesis.

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Different Types Of Point Of View - The Beginning Writer

Different Types Of Point Of View

When you are just starting a new project, one of the first things you must decide is which point of view to use.

Last week we covered choosing the best point of view character for your story. This week, we're going to look at the various types of POV: first person, second person, third person, and omniscient.

First Person Point Of View:

First person is used when the main character is telling the story. This is the kind that uses the "I" narrator. As a reader, you can only experience the story through this person's eyes. So you won't know anything about the people or events that this character hasn't personally experienced.

First Person Peripheral: This is when the narrator is a supporting character in the story, not the main character. It still uses the "I" narrator but since the narrator is not the protagonist, there are events and scenes that will happen to the protagonist that the narrator will not have access to.

Second Person Point Of View:

Second person point of view is generally only used in instructional writing. It is told from the perspective of "you".

Third Person Point Of View:

Third person POV is used when your narrator is not a character in the story. Third person uses the "he/she/it" narrator and it is the most commonly used POV in writing.

There are 3 main types of Third Person POV:

  • Third Person Limited: Limited means that the POV is limited to only one character. Which means that the narrator only knows what that character knows. With third person limited you can choose to view the action from right inside the character's head, or from further away, where the narrator has more access to information outside the protagonist's viewpoint.
  • Third Person Multiple: This type is still in the "he/she/it" category, but now the narrator can follow multiple characters in the story. The challenge is making sure that the reader knows when you are switching from one character to another. Make the switch obvious with chapter or section breaks.
  • Third Person Omniscient: This point of view still uses the "he/she/it" narration but now the narrator knows EVERYTHING. The narrator isn't limited by what one character knows, sort of like the narrator is God. The narrator can know things that others don't, can make comments about what's happening, and can see inside the minds of other characters.
Personally I am most comfortable using Third Person Omniscient POV. It's the only one that flows naturally for me.

What about you? Which POV do you prefer to use?

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Never sure I'm doing it correctly, but I try to write as if I were a camera recording things and let the character's body language, actions and dialogue develop their character and tell the story. This is good for me, in that it helps me focus on "showing", not "telling."

At the same time, I limit my POV to the protagonist. So, in that sense, my POV is Third Person Limited. However, for the sake of narrative, to give historic background to the story and provide information that the protagonist may not know, I find it necessary to also use the omniscient viewpoint.

This is called an "Objective" point of view, which is not covered in this blog entry.

I find myself using second person for my stories. Weird, isn't it? Yet at the same time I find it pretty intimate for the reader, its as though they were almost the character themselves, or perhaps listening to their thoughts directly, which I think is more engaging.

I find myself using second person for my stories. Weird, isn't it? Yet at the same time I find it pretty intimate for the reader, its as though they were almost the character themselves, or perhaps listening to their thoughts directly, which I think is more engaging.

Thank you so much, this page really helped me write my paper for my Literary class (duh). And since I don't want to copy your beautiful work ( really, and I bet lots would agree with me), would it be okay if you can tell me what date your page was last updated so I can reference it in my paper.
( I just am going to use one of the definition, the Peripheral Narrator (first pov) and paraphrase it.

This is a really useful reference! Thanks!

Thanks so much! this was very helpful for my exam! I would prefer to choose Third Person Omniscient! (:

Hi!I Wanted To Know What Point Of View I Write In And It's First Person!This Was Really Helpful!If Anyone Wants To Find Me I'm RileyTheHuskyDogzer On Wattpad!Feel Free To Talk To Me And Read My Story's!Have A Good Day!

This was very useful, it was just what I was looking for. I forgot my points of view when i was writing.

Welcome to The Beginning Writer.

I'm Kelly. This blog is under heavy construction. Please excuse the mess until I get everything finished.

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Argumentative Essay Outline

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Argumentative Essay Outline Make an Outline before Writing an Argumentative Essay!

In writing, particularly in asserting your point of view, an outline is crucially important. It assists you in conveying your message to the readers. Other than organization, it will be easy for you to achieve clarity, brevity, and conviction. The following lists down the parts needed for an argumentative essay outline.

Any piece of writing usually starts with an introductory paragraph where the thesis statement is declared. In an argumentative essay, this is where you assert your position about the issue. Before you state your main argument, you should use different methods to grab the interest of the audience.

  • A. Attention holder
    1. Telling a story
    2. Describing a scene (factual or imagined)
    3. Provocative questions
    4. Simple, definite statement
    5. Quoting from famous speeches
  • B. Thesis statement

Body of the essay is the next part of your argumentative essay outline. Main points are planked down to support your prime argument. There are three patterns of structuring this section.

  • Supporting point
  • Supporting point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Supporting point
  • Supporting point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Supporting point
  • Opposition’s point
  • Supporting point

The first style is rarely used. It is not an effective method to write an argumentative essay, since the other side’s standpoint is presented at the end. The second structure is the persuasive approach. Just like a finishing blow, mentioning your points at the end leaves the conflicting side no space for redemption. The third pattern is the most acceptable and civilized. It provides fair debating of the two sides.

The last part of your argumentative essay wraps up your contentions. You should be able to emphasize how your points are more important than those of the opposing party. Recommendations and implications can also be included. Finally, just like in your introduction, use techniques that will hold the readers’ attention until the very end; but remember to be consistent. If you used a storyline at the beginning, you might also want to end your write-up with a story.

  • A. Restate thesis statement and the importance of the issue
  • B. Summarize the main points
  • C. Lead-out
    1. End of the story
    2. Possible outcome of the story
    3. Answers to provocative questions (probably another question)
    4. Repetition of the simple, definite statement at the introductory part
    5. Major influence of the famous person quoted at the beginning

The painstaking work in essay writing will be worth it if you have sufficient information about the matter. Research is still the most vital process of writing anything. You won’t be able to make a good argumentative essay outline if you don’t have a clear understanding of the topic.

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