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About Tudor Explorers for Kids

The golden age of exploration began in the 15th century and lasted more than 200 years. During the reign of Elizabeth 1, many sailors went in search of unknown lands. There were two main reasons: one was adventure and the other was money.

Portugal and Spain led the way, exploring the coasts of Africa, Asia and the 'New World' of the Americas. English exploration began in the reign of Henry VII, who sent Italian-born navigator John Cabot to find a northwestern route to Asia.

A poet, Tudor Courtier and adventurer.

Sir Walter Raleigh was born in 1554 in Devon. He was a handsome man with dark brown hair and was one of Elizabeth I's favourite courtiers. He was also a poet and a fearless soldier.

He led many expeditions to America and introduced tobacco and the potato into England. He chose the name of the first English colony in America. He named it Virginia after Queen Elizabeth.

It is said that he spread his cloak in front of Queen Elizabeth so that she did not have to stand in a puddle. There is no evidence to support this.

Elizabeth didn't like her courtiers to fall in love with anyone except her. Sir Walter lost her friendship after he fell in love and married one of Elizabeth's maids of honour. He was briefly sent to the Tower of London.

Sir Francis Drake was born in 1540 in Tavistock, Devon, England. He first started going to sea while living in Chatham in Kent, at the age of 12 or 13. He was an apprentice on a small trading ship which was left to him when the master died. but became famous as a pirate and explorer.

During his life, Protestant England was often at war with Catholic Spain and there were rich rewards for capturing Spanish ships.

Drake, who was an incredibly bold and brilliant sailor, captured more than his fair share of Spanish ships. His pirate raids on Spanish ships off the coast of America were encouraged by Queen Elizabeth I. Drake's successful battles against the Spanish helped England become a major sea power.

He was the first Englishman to sail around the world. which he did (1577 - 1580) in his ship The Golden Hinde. Drake started his famous circumnavigation of the world from Plymouth, England, November 15, 1577, passed through the Straight of Magellan (southern tip of South America) into the Pacific, coasted up the western shores of the Americas, crossed to Asia and the Philippines, and finally returned to Britain on September 26, 1580.

On the way round the world, Drake landed in what is now California, naming it Nova Albion (New England) and claiming it for his queen.

Drake returned from his voyage with his ship packed full of spices from the Indies, and plundered Spanish silver and treasure.

Drake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth l for his courage, and for the treasures he brought back with him. He brought back enough treasure to pay off the entire national debt.

In 1587, Elizabeth I put Drake in command of an expedition to attack a Spanish fleet which was getting ready to attack England. Drake sailed right in to Cadiz harbour and wrecked the ships there, before going on to capture another hundred Spanish ships elsewhere. It was said he'd ' singed the king of Spain's beard '. By 1588, he was Vice-Admiral of the fleet which defeated the Spanish Armada.

As a sailor, adventurer, navigator, politician, engineer and landowner, Drake was as famous in his own lifetime as David Beckham is today. He was one of the most famous men in Elizabethan times.

Sir Francis Drake
Questions and answers about Drake

Sir Francis Drake
These pages focus on Sir Francis Drake, and in particular on his "Famous Voyage" - the circumnavigation of the world in the sixteenth century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Golden Hind Website - Click on the Education Centre
The Golden Hind captained by Sir Francis Drake undertook one of the most historic and exciting voyages of all time.

John Cabot was born in Italy and was an explorer of Italian origin. He came to live in England during the reign of Henry VII and is best known for his explorations made under the English flag.

In 1497 Cabot sailed west from Bristol, on his ship, the Matthew. hoping to find a shorter route to Asia. After a month, he discovered an unknown land – he called it 'new found land', today still known as Newfoundland in Canada.

Many explorers were desperate to reach Asia because they knew great wealth was to be made there. Not only would they become rich themselves and be rewarded for their great achievements but their countries would benefit too.

Hawkins was a cousin of Drake. He was the first Englishman to trade in slaves. He bought slaves in west Africa and sold them to the Spanish colonies in the West Indies. often raiding Spanish ships as he went.

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Post modernism homework

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Post modernism homework

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Teacher Slips Anti-Trump Question Into Homework

Funny! Documenting Urban Wildlife Found At The Gym 13 months ago 235,138 This Prank Asks How You'd React After Seeing Another Man's Wife Naked 14 months ago 440,035 Blowing Up! Stuff like this Teacher Slips Anti-Trump Question Into Homework And Now Parents Are Pissed

I remember rolling into third grade homeroom with my viola in hand and a bunch of "Bush/Cheney 2001" stickers stuck on its case. My parents were mildly horrified at the idea of their kid going to a Maryland public school with a zillion republican stickers all over my backpack and instrument, but I was what, eight? Nine? I didn't give a fuck.

Now that I've gotten older, I still don't give a fuck -- but things have gotten a little more contentious from the early 00s.

Take the homework question that Adria Zawatsky, a teacher at Staten Island middle school IS 75, used for her vocabulary worksheet:

"President Trump speaks in a very superior and ___________________ manner, insulting many people. He needs to be more _____________________ so that the American people respect and admire him."

The question immediately following read:

"Barack Obama set a ______________ when he became the first African American president."

After assigning the questions as part of a homework assignment, parent Vincent Ungro, whose 11-year-old daughter is in Zawatsky's class, found them to be inappropriate. According to NY Post, the vocabulary words meant to fill in the blanks were "haughty, humble and precedent" -- and so he did what any parent who's too lazy to schedule a meeting with the school or teacher: he wrote a note:

"Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them. Thank you."

Speaking to the NY Post. Ungro said that "This woman is forcing my child to put words on a piece of paper describing our president in a disparaging manner. Her political opinion should be left at home."

Now, do I think teachers should be influencing their students with their political views? No. But do I think this dad is overreacting to a couple stupid questions on a homework assignment? Yes.

First of all, nothing positive or negative was said about Barack Obama, only that he set a precedent as the first black president. Our first Asian president will set a precedent, our first woman president will set a precedent, hell maybe one day we'll get an Indian president and we'll finally get to call ourselves equal opportunity employers when it comes to the most important branch of our government (mind you, this won't happen for another 500 years). Point is, I didn't say anything positive or negative about the hypothetical precedents set by those people -- neither did that question.

As for the Trump aspect of the homework, well, yeah that's not flattering -- and no, it shouldn't have been included in the homework -- but it's not even that bad. It would be one thing if the question read:

"President Trump is a fat fucking __________________ whose inability to unite people across party lines will truly __________________ our country over. Vote blue 2020. Conservatives eat dick without milk for breakfast."

But it didn't. We can't point at people and call them "snowflakes" if we're going to be snowflakes too, right? We have to nut the fuck up and act like we have common sense and backbones if we're going to come out of this presidency like winners, and complaining that "Oh boo hoo this homework question was mean" isn't going to get us there.

Me, talking to myself in the mirror, every morning.

What was it that the Dems said -- they take the low road, we take the high? Yeah okay, we all know that’s a load of bullshit in itself, but it’s also something we should all be striving for. Bitching about your kid’s homework is neither high road nor low road, it’s rock bottom.

Like I said, that question shouldn't have been in there to begin with, but are the questions as BAD as Ungro would have you think? Again, no. If you ask me, I think this guy is really just throwing a shit fit so he can get his name into the papers, which clearly isn't that hard to do these days if all you have to do it nitpick your daughter's homework sheet.

In a comical turn of events, after father Vincent Ungro emailed Zawatsky to complain, rather than admit defeat Zawatsky went and told him to fuck off:

"Firstly, I do not believe I was expressing a political view at all on my vocabulary sheet," she wrote in an email in response to Ungro. "My reference to President Trump was about his personality traits rather than his ability as a president. The media is nonstop on very similar references. This is considered freedom of speech and I feel I have the same right as they do."

She then proceeded to dock Ungro's daughter's homework 15 points because she didn't fill in those three blanks.

Translation: sit the fuck down and learn your place, bitch.

In the end, Zawatsky wound up with a disciplinary letter placed in her file which amounts to basically nothing. Ungro wasn’t happy about it, but we don’t care what he thinks because he’s officially been deemed a “special snowflake” by anyone with common sense reading this. You hear that, kids? This is what happens when your parents are attention whores dying to be able to Google their name and have it come up with relevant results. Next time ask mom for homework help, because dad will just turn your history assignment on the Atlantic slave trade into a statement on Black Lives Matter; god forbid you bring any of that bad juju into your home.

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