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My Teacher Ate My Homework - Kenn Nesbitt s

From the book Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

My teacher ate my homework,
which I thought was rather odd.
He sniffed at it and smiled
with an approving sort of nod .

He took a little nibble —
it’s unusual, but true —
then had a somewhat larger bite
and gave a thoughtful chew.

I think he must have liked it,
for he really went to town.
He gobbled it with gusto
and he wolfed the whole thing down.

He licked off all his fingers,
gave a burp and said, “You pass.”
I guess that’s how they grade you
when you’re in a cooking class.

Copyright © 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 4

From the Book Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

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Приложения на Google Play – 10monkeys Multiplication

10monkeys Multiplication is THE app for practicing times tables:

* One of the Guardian’s top 20 best apps for kids to help stave off summer holiday boredom!

* "A new addiction is here! 10monkeys Multiplication is so much fun and addictive, I couldn’t put it down!" -- The iMums

* "10monkeys Multiplication has won a spot among our top picks as a fun and engaging way to challenge students to learn and master their multiplication tables" -- fun educational apps

Free the trapped monkeys by using your multiplication skills!

Bo's ten monkey friends are in trouble – they are trapped and need your help. To free all the monkeys you need determination to master times tables from 2 to 10. Think you can do it? We know you can, and we promise you will have lots of fun while doing so!

10monkeys Multiplication is a math learning education app aimed for children, and builds up multiplication skills in a fun and exciting environment. The first app of the 10monkeys Apps family makes learning times tables as fun as playing any other game the kids love.

Smart apps make smart children.

- In English, Spanish, German and Finnish
- Arcade-type gameplay
- 12 mini-games (2 to 12 times tables and mixed times tables)
- Easy-to-use interface, every mini-game is one click away!
- Highscores urge children to practice even after freeing the monkeys
- Global leaderboards to give extra motivation
- Funny sounds and interactive feedback
- Safe for a child to use alone; no controversial content, no ads Ltd is an e-learning company based in Helsinki. Our mission is to improve mathematical ability globally by offering kids better access to high quality learning on-line. Our products have been designed from a high-quality pedagogical perspective and contain hundreds of math activities that make learning fun and engaging. The success of Finnish students in the international studies measuring mathematical ability (PISA etc.) builds on the Finnish excellence in teaching and the teachers’ strong will to keep improving. We want to make this expertise available to kids globally regardless of their language and home country.

The Best Homework Help Websites for Kids

Homework Help

Homework helps extend what kids learned in the classroom and gives kids a chance to practice important skills. Unfortunately, kids don’t always understand their homework and their teachers aren’t on hand to answer the questions they have. When parents can’t come up with the answers either, homework help websites give them a place to turn to.

Best Kids Websites selection of homework help websites gives kids and parents multiple places to turn when they’re struggling with a difficult homework assignment. These websites offer the most accurate information, cover a broad range of subjects, and offer games and activities to help make learning the material fun.

Refdesk’s Homework Helper is a collection of links designed to provide you with the help you need. Links are organized by grade-level (1-6, 7-8 and 9-12) and by subject. Continue reading →

Homework Spot offers answers to questions and resources for students at every grade-level and for every subject. Solve puzzles, browse questions other students have asked or practice for the SAT. Use the reference section to find other resources such as current news and museums to help you with your homework. Continue reading →

TIME for Kids magazine offers a fun homework help guide full of homework tips and tools for students. Homework Helper aims to assist students with subjects such as writing, grammar, geography and math. Use the Flash-card maker to create study materials or check out the Writer’s Toolbox to improve your papers. Continue reading →

Let Yahoo! help your kids with homework and you will not be disappointed. Continue reading →

EdHelper is designed less to help students with homework and more to help teachers create homework assignments. Create weekly reading books, design vocabulary worksheets or download pre-created worksheets. You must subscribe to gain access to the full range of resources. Continue reading →

Check out the mini lessons and webinars designed by Discovery Education to help you understand your homework. Continue reading →

The Homework Help section at features help with pre-algebra, algebra and geometry homework. Continue reading →

This website is designed to help students of all ages with their math homework. Input a basic math problem to see if your answer is correct. Use the addition and order of operations helpers for step-by-step help to solve your problems.

Fact Monster’s Homework Center features reference materials and other resources for common subjects such as math, science, history, social studies and language arts.

If you’re taking pre-algebra, algebra I and algebra II or geometry, Algebra Homework Help is the place to go for homework answers. Browse the topics to find the help you’re looking for. Continue reading →

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Summer Homework - Required Summer Reading for Kids

Get the Summer Homework Done!

Summer homework or no summer homework? That is a debate that rages among school systems, parent, teachers and kids. And I’m not going to step into it and venture an opinion on whether there should be summer homework. However, I will point out that, like it or not, there is summer homework and required reading in many school systems. So make a summer homework plan as to how to get it done without it take over your summer!

As a work-at-home mom, I use summer homework to my advantage, making it part. MORE of some of the everyday summer activities that fill our summer days. But I will admit, it's easy to let summer homework slide, and we have been caught staying up late the day before schools starts. Don't let that happen to you!

Let summer homework teach a lesson.

And I don’t necessarily mean the math or reading lesson it is intended to teach. Let summer homework teach your kids the lesson of managing time effectively and tackling unpleasant tasks without procrastination. Don't lay out a plan for summer homework without consulting them. Work together to come up with goals and a schedule. Read more about home much homework help to give .

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Keep your opinions to yourself.

Very few kids favor of summer homework. However, if you’re a fan of summer homework, likely your child has figured that out and doesn’t need a lecture on the danger of the summer brain drain. On the other hand, if you wish the school didn’t give summer homework, keep that to yourself too. You can be sympathetic but don't fan the flame if your child is wallowing in the injustice of it. Simply remain neutral.

Start early, be consistent.

Do not wait until August to pull out the summer homework packet. Look at it soon after school ends and get your child started while the material is still fresh in his mind. Even if your child works on it consistently throughout the summer, there still may be a lot to finish at the end of summer, so don’t make it worse by waiting.

Make a plan.

Summer homework won't be magically completed at the end of the summer unless you plan out the details of exactly when it will be done. Sit down with a calendar and the homework packets and make a plan for getting the summer homework done .

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Homework Help for Kids

Homework Help for Kids A special space and learning resources that kids can use from anywhere, anytime

Reserve your student's space in the Homework Hub, a dedicated study room in Children's Services on the Main Library's first floor, in person at the Children’s Services desk with an Oak Park Public Library card.

This special space comes stocked with raised line paper; pencils with grips; tri-write pencils; a binder to be used as a slant writing board; workbooks for kindergarten through sixth grade; workbooks for preschoolers; whiteboards and markers; calculators and protractors; rulers, glue, and scissors. A dedicated computer is loaded with Boardmaker ; Earobics ; Lexia ; Typing Instructor for Kids ; Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; and a switch adapter.

A library card also offers kids access to the subscription-based online resources listed on this page. All are designed to help make digital learning more interactive, more visual, and more fun.

Online Resources

Need a resource for Black History Month? This is an easy-to-use resource with biographies, coverage of major events, primary sources, and maps.